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Matthew Macdonald-Wallace proffalken

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lusis /
Last active Jun 16, 2020
terraform template to generate serverspec properties

This uses terraform's template_file resource to generate a yaml properties file for serverspec to use.

  • create the Rakefile in your terraform project root
  • create a spec directory and put spec_helper.rb in it
  • create the templates/properties.tmpl.yml file
  • create the
  • terraform apply


Tests will be matched based on roles defined for a given node.

anonymous / gist:fd5ed9075cc026acc607
Created Dec 16, 2014
Quick Container Check
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#!/usr/bin/env python
from docker import Client
import json
d = Client(base_url='unix://var/run/docker.sock')
containers = d.containers()
metrics = {
'/redis': '1',
wangqiang8511 / kibana_aws_cloudwatch
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Kibana portal for aws infra cloudwatch monitoring
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"title": "AWS Infra Monitoring",
"services": {
"query": {
"list": {
"0": {
"query": "name:writelatency",
"alias": "",
"color": "#7EB26D",
"id": 0,
steintore /
Last active Jun 21, 2017
Build status and progress widget for Dashing


Dashing widget to display a Jenkins build status and build progress

The widget is based on the meter-widget which is default in the Dashing installation

The widget can also see the progress of a "pre-build", i.e if you have a job triggering the actual build you want to define, you can configure this job in the jenkins_build.rb as a prebuild.

For more information, please see Coding Like a tosser

dcarley / rabbitmq-server-plugins.spec
Created May 3, 2011
RPM SPEC for RabbitMQ plugins
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Name : rabbitmq-server-plugins
Version : 2.6.1
Release : 2
Summary : Plugins for RabbitMQ server
Group : Development/Libraries
Source0 :{version}/amqp_client-%{version}.ez
Source1 :{version}/rabbitmq_stomp-%{version}.ez
Source2 :{version}/rabbitmq_management_agent-%{version}.ez
Source3 :{version}/rabbitmq_management-%{version}.jquery-fix.ez
kmile / xml_parser.rb
Created Feb 15, 2011
A small nokogiri xml reader DSL.
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# A small DSL for helping parsing documents using Nokogiri::XML::Reader. The
# XML Reader is a good way to move a cursor through a (large) XML document fast,
# but is not as cumbersome as writing a full SAX document handler. Read about
# it here:
# Just pass the reader in this parser and specificy the nodes that you are interested
# in in a block. You can just parse every node or only look inside certain nodes.
# A small example:
jordansissel / Better
Created Dec 20, 2010
Strip package scripts from .deb packages (postinst, postrm, preinst, prerm)
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The best way to use this tool is to hook apt's use of dpkg to run it before doing any package installs.

In your apt.conf, put this:

DPkg::Pre-Install-Pkgs {"xargs -rL1 bash /path/to/ 2>&1 | logger -t stripdeb"}

Then, a demo:

% sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.1
View api.feature
Scenario: Get List of My Hitchhiking Items via API
Given the existing things:
|The Guide (duh)|
|A towel|
|Sub-Etha Sens-O-Matic|
|Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster|
|Kill-o-Zap blaster pistol|
And the existing accounts:
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