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Please complete these step for ONLY the workshop for which you are registered! Again, you only need to do ONE of these - for the one which you are registered. If you're unsure which one, email hello @

VueVixens workshop with Ari Clark

We'll start from scratch in Code Sandbox. Create a Code Sandbox account and scaffold a starter Vue.js template by clicking here:

React Hooks Workshop with Kent C. Dodds

Hi folks! I'm super excited to teach you React at Connect.Tech! We're going to have a great time. This workshop is intended for people who have a little experience developing with React, but don't worry if you haven't even started with React yet, or if you've been using React for a long time already! This will be helpful to you for sure. If you're just getting started with React, then I suggest you practice a little bit with React fundamentals and you can learn about all of that from me for free from If you've been working with React for a long time, then you'll love this because we'll be diving into React's new "hooks" feature which is the future of React for sure.

To get yourself all set up, here's what you need to do: Follow the instructions on the workshop repository here: That's it. A few nots:

  • because this is an in-person workshop, you don't need to bother with the Zoom instructions
  • because we may not be able to rely on the conference WiFi, I'd recommend following the instructions for local installation rather than relying on CodeSandbox.

I'm really looking forward to the workshop! See you soon!

Hands On Machine Learning with JavaScript with Douglas Starnes

  • Please install: Node 10, Git
  • Install a JS code editor like VS Code

Advanced Angular Workshop with Venkat Subramaniam

  • Latest version of node
  • Git
  • Your favorite IDE that you use for Angular / TypeScript

Get in the Fast Lane: Measuring Web Performance with Sia Karamalegos

Prerequisites and Preparation starting here:

Vue State Management with Vuex with Divya Sasidharan

Please go here:

End-to-End Testing Workshop with Cypress with Amir Rustamzadeh

Do only the REQUIREMENTS section here:

Unlock: Accessibility and Conversational UI with Scott Davis

  • HEADPHONES!!! (To listen to your website on your laptop in privacy)
  • a recent version of NodeJS installed locally on your laptop to run a local web server
  • admin rights to start a web server on port 8080 (or the port of your choice)
  • admin rights to 'npm install' various libraries
  • an IDE or text editor to write and edit simple HTML, CSS, and JS files by hand
  • git installed locally, to clone/install the initial working example. (A zip download from GitHub is also available)

Intro to Vue with Ben Hong

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