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Created May 3, 2019 21:58
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Hard Disk Sentinel (standard) 5.30 for Windows for FREE

Hard Disk Sentinel is a good tool to check and monitor your disks parameters and health. You should consider having it in your toolbox.

Now you can get Windows version of Hard Disk Sentinel v5.30 (9417) for free at SharewareOnSale. After clicking "Download Hard Disk Sentinel Now" button you'll have to fill a form asking for email (they'll use it to send you news regarding SharewareOnSale offers), country, used platforms, gender, job level, and confirm it by clicking "Give it to me now". You'll get SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Hard_Disk_Sentinel_hub.exe and also mail titled "Download is ready: Hard Disk Sentinel" starting with:

Hi there. Thank you for downloading from us. Your download details are given below.

Hard Disk Sentinel (100% discount)


Download: SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Hard_Disk_Sentinel_hub.exe

After running it you will be able to download "Hard Disk" containing hdsentinel_setup.exe (Save installer to my computer in Downloads folder; look out to not confirm installing anything beside HD Sentinel), that you'll use afterward to finally install it.

Help > About shows:

Registered to:

I confirmed by mailing to that it is a legitimate offer.

Yes I can confirm it is 100% legal: our partner organize the opportunity. As you may see on we shared this to help users to get license this way for free.

Indeed, there is a post on FB from them.

It's not the latest version (5.40 was released on 2019-03-20, 5.40.4 on 2019-04-25), but only one year old (5.30 was released on 2018-07-17) and still should be usable for a lot of users.

Sale ends in 5 days.

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