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Created October 23, 2022 22:42
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Bookmarklet: Kill login wall

Bookmarklet: Kill login wall

Some sites needlessly force you to log in or sign up to continue browsing them. Sometimes it can be bypassed, partially or fully.

I will put down down JavaScript bookmarklets/snippets dealing with these nagging modal dialog boxes to some extent one way or another. No guarantee it will work in the future.

Tested in Chrome (106), Edge (106), Firefox (106).


  • Chrome: In bookmarks bar select Add page... from context menu, you'll get new window.
  • Edge: In Bookmarks Toolbar select Manage favorites from context menu, in Favorites page click Add favorite, you'll get new window.
  • Firefox: In favorites bar select New Bookmark... from context menu, you'll get new window.

Put whatever name you like, use one of following javascript: oneliners as URL, and save.


Click bookmark for relevant site whenever nag screen appears.

PromptHero: Kill login wall (


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