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I reached out to Emi Chen at fjorge:

'Hi Emi!

My name is Alex Fukui and I'm a developer based in Minneapolis. I saw that your company is hiring a front-end developer and saw you've been working there. I was wondering if we could chat about it?

Thanks for your time!'

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1) Should the client or the server take more security precautions?
The server should take more security precautions because it is the source of data. Although having frontend security measures is important, outgoing and incoming information can be best validated and checked here.
2) What's the difference between local storage and session storage?
Local storage is kept on the browser indefinitely, while session storage is dumped when the browser is closed.
3) What problem does a JWT expiry time solve?
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Which database tables are created in the migrations?
user, language and word
What are the endpoints for user registration, login and refresh?
Registration: POST /
Login: POST /token
Refresh: PUT /token
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Link to build:



Client Dependencies & devDependencies

  • jwt-decode What is this?
  • date-fns I remember you.
  • react-scripts What is this? It seems to be used in 'scripts' to streamline starting up a react project:
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Using the same projects database from above write queries to answer the following questions:
How many people work in the Sales department?
count(e.emp_name) as emp_count,
employee e
JOIN department d ON e.department =
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