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Last active Dec 8, 2018
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Accessing battery details via python and pyobjc on macOS / OS X
import objc
from Foundation import NSBundle
IOKit = NSBundle.bundleWithIdentifier_('')
functions = [("IOServiceGetMatchingService", b"II@"),
("IOServiceMatching", b"@*"),
("IORegistryEntryCreateCFProperties", b"IIo^@@I"),
("IOPSCopyPowerSourcesByType", b"@I"),
("IOPSCopyPowerSourcesInfo", b"@"),
objc.loadBundleFunctions(IOKit, globals(), functions)
# matches information pulled by: pmset -g rawbatt
def raw_battery_dict():
battery = IOServiceGetMatchingService(0, IOServiceMatching("AppleSmartBattery"))
if (battery != 0):
# we have a battery
err, props = IORegistryEntryCreateCFProperties(battery, None, None, 0)
return props
# matches information pulled by: pmset -g batt
def adjusted_battery_dict():
battery = list(IOPSCopyPowerSourcesByType(0))[0]
battery = 0
if (battery != 0):
# we have a battery
return battery
def raw_battery_percent():
d = raw_battery_dict()
if d:
curc = d['CurrentCapacity']
maxc = d['MaxCapacity']
perc = 100.*curc/maxc
return perc
def adjusted_battery_percent():
d = adjusted_battery_dict()
if d:
return d["Current Capacity"]
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