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import ctypes, ctypes.util
# Import CoreGraphics as a C library, so we can call some private functions
c_CoreGraphics = ctypes.CDLL(ctypes.util.find_library('CoreGraphics'))
def disable_beam_sync(doDisable):
if doDisable:
# Disabling beam sync:
# 1st: Enable Quartz debug
err = c_CoreGraphics.CGSSetDebugOptions(ctypes.c_uint64(0x08000000))
# 2nd: Set beam sync to disabled mode
err = c_CoreGraphics.CGSDeferredUpdates(0)
# Enabling beam sync:
# 1st: Disable Quartz debug
err = c_CoreGraphics.CGSSetDebugOptions(0)
# 2nd: Set beam sync to automatic mode (the default)
err = c_CoreGraphics.CGSDeferredUpdates(1)
# Disable beam sync
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