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Working with SharedFileList (.sfl) files from OSX 10.11 El Capitan in python
from Foundation import NSKeyedUnarchiver
from struct import unpack
# This entire function is black magic of the highest order and I'll blog about it later
def extract_share(bookmark_data):
content_offset, = unpack('I', bookmark_data[12:16])
first_TOC, = unpack('I', bookmark_data[content_offset:content_offset+4])
first_TOC += content_offset
TOC_len, rec_type, level, next_TOC, record_count = unpack('IIIII', bookmark_data[first_TOC:first_TOC+20])
TOC_cursor = first_TOC + 20
record_offsets = {}
for i in range(record_count):
record_id, offset = unpack('<IQ', bookmark_data[TOC_cursor:TOC_cursor+12])
record_offsets[record_id] = offset + content_offset
TOC_cursor += 12
mount_record = record_offsets.get(0x2050, None)
# Check to see if we actually had a volMountURL record
if mount_record is not None:
mount_length, rec_type = unpack('II', bookmark_data[mount_record:mount_record+8])
mount_record += 8
mount_URL = (bookmark_data[mount_record:mount_record+mount_length]).decode('utf-8')
return mount_URL
return None
def get_recentservers(sfl_file_path):
# Read the file (located in ~/Library/Application Support/ on 10.11+)
with open(sfl_file_path, 'rb') as f:
raw_data =
# It's NSKeyedArchiver data - let's decode it!
recent_servers = NSKeyedUnarchiver.unarchiveObjectWithData_(buffer(raw_data))
# Build an empty set
server_URLs = []
# Add in our discovered server URLs from the SFLListItems and return in 'SFLListItem.order' order
for x in sorted(recent_servers['items'], lambda y,_: int(y.order())):
url = extract_share(x.bookmark()[:].tobytes())
if url is not None:
return server_URLs
# Example usage:
# get_recentservers('')

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jacobsalmela commented Dec 30, 2015

What about FavoriteServers? Will it work for that?


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linjinxing commented Nov 29, 2017

it doesn't work now.
recent_servers = NSKeyedUnarchiver.unarchiveObjectWithData_(buffer(raw_data))
objc.error: NSInvalidUnarchiveOperationException - *** -[NSKeyedUnarchiver decodeObjectForKey:]: cannot decode object of class (SFLListItem) for key (NS.objects); the class may be defined in source code or a library that is not linked

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