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Last active February 11, 2020 15:55
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Forcing automatic timezone discovery with pyobjc on OS X
# Tested on 10.11
# Assumes your network is in a state to actually do the discovery and that you have
# automatic timezone discovery enabled in Date & Time and Location services enabled
# (Generally this means wifi enabled on your device and network stack is up)
# For enabling location services and auto, check Allister's work here:
from Foundation import NSBundle
TZPP = NSBundle.bundleWithPath_("/System/Library/PreferencePanes/DateAndTime.prefPane/Contents/Resources/TimeZone.prefPane")
TimeZonePref = TZPP.classNamed_('TimeZonePref')
ATZAdminPrefererences = TZPP.classNamed_('ATZAdminPrefererences')
atzap = ATZAdminPrefererences.defaultPreferences()
pref = TimeZonePref.alloc().init()
atzap.addObserver_forKeyPath_options_context_(pref, "enabled", 0, 0)
result = pref._startAutoTimeZoneDaemon_(0x1)
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