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Brian McKenna puffnfresh

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puffnfresh / sbt.log
Created Jul 15, 2019 not yet assigned
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java.lang.AssertionError: assertion failed: not yet assigned: Lcom/atlassian/marketplace/http/rest/v2/
at scala.Predef$.assert(Predef.scala:170)
View doom2nix.el
#!/usr/bin/env nix-shell
#! nix-shell -i "emacs --batch -l $HOME/.emacs.d/core/core.el -l $HOME/.emacs.d/core/core-packages.el -l $HOME/.emacs.d/core/autoload/packages.el -l" -p "emacsWithPackages (p: [ p.persistent-soft p.use-package p.quelpa p.async ])"
;; doom-module-load-path
(princ "p:\n")
(princ "let checked = n:\n")
(princ " let p' = p.${n} or null;\n")
(princ " in if p'.meta.broken or false then null else p';\n")
(princ "in\n")
puffnfresh / default.nix
Last active Jun 14, 2019
ghc not found patch for haskell.nix
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{ pkgs ? import <nixpkgs> {} }:
haskell = import (builtins.fetchTarball { inherit pkgs; };
happyHack = config:
let inherit (config.hsPkgs) happy;
in "export happy_datadir=${happy.components.exes.happy}/share/${builtins.currentSystem}-ghc-${config.compiler.version}/${}-${happy.identifier.version}";
pkgSet = haskell.mkCabalProjectPkgSet {
View LoadedData.ts
type LoadedData<A> =
<B>(f: (a: A) => B, g: (e: Error) => B, b: B) => B;
function loaded<A>(a: A): LoadedData<A> {
return <B>(f: (a: A) => B, error: (e: Error) => B, empty: B) => f(a);
function error<A>(e: Error): LoadedData<A> {
return <B>(success: (a: A) => B, f: (e: Error) => B, empty: B) => f(e);
puffnfresh / Payments.hs
Created Mar 12, 2019 — forked from friedbrice/Payments.hs
Java6-compatible algebraic data types via Church-Scott Encoding
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module Payments where
data Customer = Customer { name :: String, age :: Int } deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
-- I know partial record fields is an anti-pattern, but who's counting?
data Payment
= Cash { customer :: Customer, amount :: Double }
| Credit { customer :: Customer, amount :: Double, cardNumber :: Int }
| Check { customer :: Customer, amount :: Double, routingNumber :: Int, accountNumber :: Int }
deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
View spacemacs2nix.el
#!/usr/bin/env nix-shell
#! nix-shell -i "emacs --batch -l $HOME/.emacs.d/core/core-load-paths.el -l" -p emacs26-nox
(require 'core-configuration-layer)
(configuration-layer/make-all-packages nil)
(princ "p:\n")
(princ "let checked = n:\n")
(princ " let p' = p.${n} or null;\n")
(princ " in if p'.meta.broken or false then null else p';\n")
View Scott.hs
{-# LANGUAGE ScopedTypeVariables, Rank2Types #-}
module ScottEncoding where
import Prelude hiding (null, length, map, foldl, foldr, take, fst, snd, curry, uncurry, concat, zip, (++))
newtype SMaybe a
= SMaybe { runMaybe :: forall b. b -> (a -> b) -> b }
newtype SList a
= SList { runList :: forall b. b -> (a -> SList a -> b) -> b }
View ghci
Prelude Language.Haskell.TH.Cleanup Generics.Deriving.TH
λ data X = A | B
Prelude Language.Haskell.TH.Cleanup Generics.Deriving.TH
λ putStrLn $(simplifiedTH =<< deriveAll0 ''X)
instance Generic (X :: *)
where type Rep (X :: *) = D1 ('MetaData "X" "Ghci3" "interactive" 'False) (:+: (C1 ('MetaCons "A" 'PrefixI 'False) U1) (C1 ('MetaCons "B" 'PrefixI 'False) U1))
from val_0 = case val_0 of
y_1 -> M1 (case y_1 of
A -> L1 (M1 U1)
B -> R1 (M1 U1))
View ReverseFunction.agda
open import Data.List
open import Data.List.Properties
open import Relation.Binary.PropositionalEquality
record ReverseFunction : Set₁ where
f : {A} List A List A
rev : {A} (xs ys : List A) f (xs ++ ys) ≡ f ys ++ f xs
sing : {A} (x : A) f (x ∷ []) ≡ x ∷ []
puffnfresh / Example.hs
Created Mar 14, 2018
Prism' as a smart constructor
View Example.hs
module Example (Example, example) where
import Data.Functor (($>))
import Control.Lens (Prism', prism')
import Control.Monad (guard)
data Example
= Example String
deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
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