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module Printf
%default total
data Format = FInt Format -- %d
| FString Format -- %s
| FOther Char Format -- [a-zA-Z0-9]
| FEnd --
format : List Char -> Format
format ('%'::'d'::cs) = FInt (format cs)
format ('%'::'s'::cs) = FString (format cs)
format (c::cs) = FOther c (format cs)
format [] = FEnd
interpFormat : Format -> Type
interpFormat (FInt f) = Int -> interpFormat f
interpFormat (FString f) = String -> interpFormat f
interpFormat (FOther _ f) = interpFormat f
interpFormat FEnd = String
formatString : String -> Format
formatString s = format (unpack s)
toFunction : (fmt : Format) -> String -> interpFormat fmt
toFunction (FInt f) a = \i => toFunction f (a ++ show i)
toFunction (FString f) a = \s => toFunction f (a ++ s)
toFunction (FOther c f) a = toFunction f (a ++ singleton c)
toFunction FEnd a = a
printf : (s : String) -> interpFormat (formatString s)
printf s = toFunction (formatString s) ""

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@puffnfresh puffnfresh commented Oct 14, 2016

See for an example on how to use this function with runtime strings.

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