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user> (filter #(re-find #"^[^aeiou]*a[^aeiou]*e[^aeiou]*i[^aeiou]*o[^aeiou]*u[^aeiou]*$" %) ( "/usr/share/dict/words"))
("abstemious" "abstemiously" "abstentious" "acheilous" "acheirous" "acleistous" "affectious" "annelidous" "arsenious" "arterious" "bacterious" "caesious" "facetious" "facetiously" "fracedinous" "majestious")

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@purcell purcell commented Sep 24, 2010

Or, indeed:

(filter #(re-find #"a[^aeiou]*e[^aeiou]*i[^aeiou]*o[^aeiou]*u" %)
        ( "/usr/share/dict/words"))
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