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Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/galaxy-central/lib/galaxy/jobs/runners/", line 170, in prepare_job
File "/galaxy-central/lib/galaxy/jobs/", line 878, in prepare
tool_evaluator.set_compute_environment(compute_environment, get_special=get_special)
File "/galaxy-central/lib/galaxy/tools/", line 72, in set_compute_environment
visit_input_values(self.tool.inputs, incoming, validate_inputs)
File "/galaxy-central/lib/galaxy/tools/parameters/", line 106, in visit_input_values
visit_input_values(input.cases[values['__current_case__']].inputs, values, callback, new_name_prefix, label_prefix, parent_prefix=name_prefix, **payload)
File "/galaxy-central/lib/galaxy/tools/parameters/", line 112, in visit_input_values
callback_helper(input, input_values, name_prefix, label_prefix, parent_prefix=parent_prefix, context=context)
File "/galaxy-central/lib/galaxy/tools/parameters/", line 77, in callback_helper
new_value = callback(**args)
File "/galaxy-central/lib/galaxy/tools/", line 70, in validate_inputs
value = input.from_json(value, request_context, context)
File "/galaxy-central/lib/galaxy/tools/parameters/", line 858, in from_json
raise ValueError("Parameter %s requires a value, but has no legal values defined." %
ValueError: Parameter index requires a value, but has no legal values defined.
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