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Java Developer To Do List

This is a collection of tasks/exercises/experience I want to have accomplished as a Java Developer. I'm leaving the tasks undone so that others can easily copy this list and track their own progress.

If you have suggested additions, please leave a comment below.

  • Create a Maven project using the command-line
  • Test Driven Development using a testing framework
    • JUnit
    • Hamcrest Matchers
  • Behavior Drive Development using a framework
    • Cucumber
  • Create a Gradle project using the command-line
  • Implement equals and hashCode for a custom class
  • Create a custom comparator
  • Create a runnable JAR
  • Create a shaded JAR
  • Release a Maven project to Maven Central
    • With generated JavaDocs
    • With a generated Site
  • Release a Gradle project to Maven Central
  • Build a simple web application using Spring Boot
  • Create a custom Maven Archetype
  • Release a custom Maven Archetype to Maven Central
  • Deploy a web application to Heroku
  • Use Hibernate
  • Use Flyway
  • Create a custom Annotation
  • Use a dependency injection framework
  • Use a logging framework
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