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Working from home

Paul Vorbach pvorb

Working from home
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I hereby claim:

  • I am pvorb on github.
  • I am pvorb ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASDlq4Z2Ge0jZ0quHrwTgRDbA9UuIl2JKishISUZYaCQAwo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

pvorb /
Last active Apr 6, 2019 — forked from spilth/
Java Developer To Do List

This is a collection of tasks/exercises/experience I want to have accomplished as a Java Developer. I'm leaving the tasks undone so that others can easily copy this list and track their own progress.

If you have suggested additions, please leave a comment below.

  • Create a Maven project using the command-line
  • Test Driven Development using a testing framework
    • JUnit
    • Hamcrest Matchers
  • Behavior Drive Development using a framework
    • Cucumber

Typesafe webinar notes: Spray & Akka HTTP

Presenter - Mathias Doenitz

  • embeddable http stack built on Akka actors
  • Just an HTTP integration layer, not for building full web apps
  • Server & client side
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cp: cannot stat `tex/*.sty': No such file or directory
cp: cannot stat `tex/*.cfg': No such file or directory
cp: cannot stat `tex/*.fd': No such file or directory
mktexlsr: Updating /cygdrive/e/Program Files/MiKTeX/ls-R...
mktexlsr: Done.
pvorb / correct-box-coordinates.patch
Created Apr 19, 2014
Correct Box coordinates by adding a static_cast in Tesseract 3.03
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Index: ccmain/pageiterator.cpp
--- ccmain/pageiterator.cpp (Revision 1058)
+++ ccmain/pageiterator.cpp (Arbeitskopie)
@@ -288,9 +288,9 @@
const int pix_height = pixGetHeight(tesseract_->pix_binary());
const int pix_width = pixGetWidth(tesseract_->pix_binary());
*left = ClipToRange(static_cast<int>(box.left()), 0, pix_width);
- *top = ClipToRange(pix_height -, 0, pix_height);
+ *top = ClipToRange(pix_height - static_cast<int>(, 0, pix_height);
View baseapi.cpp
if (level == PageIteratorLevel::RIL_TEXTLINE) {
int x1, y1, x2, y2;
it->Baseline(level, &x1, &y1, &x2, &y2);
int p0;
float p1;
p0 = bottom - y1;
p1 = ((float) (y1 - y2)) / (x2 - x1);
int f_size;
pvorb /
Created Jan 28, 2014
Rust Bikeshed tailcall

This page is for collecting ideas around axing or implementing tail calls in rust. The current status of this issue is undecided after a longer discussion on the list in jul/aug 2001. (There currently is no consensus on the matter nor is this page a complete summary of that thread, I am just writing down a few own thoughts right now but the page may very well become that -- boggle)


  • Pro: Obvious uses in functional programming (But: Replacable with iterators/blocks in many cases)
  • Pro: People expect that in a language that says to support functional programming with immutability as a default (But: Well
    that really just is a sales argument and should not steer design)
  • Pro: Simple, forwarding functions don't pay the cost of an extra stack frame
    • this is currently used in core::float to pass calls on to core::f32 and core::f64 depending on the target
      architecture (even though "be" is not really implemented)
pvorb / ant-test.log
Created Jan 16, 2014
Testing Tess4J
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Buildfile: C:\Dev\Info2\Masterarbeit\Tess4J\build.xml
pvorb / RandomCopy.scala
Created Oct 31, 2013
Copies all MP3-files in a directory to another directory in a random order.
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import java.nio.file.{ Files, StandardCopyOption }
import java.util.{ Collections, Random }
import scala.collection.JavaConversions
object RandomCopy extends App {
val src = new File("""E:\Backup\Auto""")
val dest = new File("""F:\""")