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this line in spec_helper_acceptance.rb
puppet_module_install(:source => proj_root, :module_name => 'selenium')
translates to this in beaker output:
centos-65-x64 executed in 0.08 seconds
localhost $ scp /home/qwcode/p/cox/puppet-selenium centos-65-x64:/etc/puppet/modules/selenium {:ignore => [".bundle", ".git", ".idea", ".vagrant", ".vendor", "acceptance", "spec", "tests", "log", ".", ".."]}
so not a timeout, but no exit code, and nothing makes it to /etc/puppet/modules/selenium
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qwcode commented Dec 5, 2014

hosts.each do |host|
  on host, puppet('module', 'install', 'puppetlabs-stdlib'), { :acceptable_exit_codes => [0,1] }
  on host, puppet('module', 'install', '3fs-phantomjs'), { :acceptable_exit_codes => [0,1] }

# Git-backed dependencies
tmpdir = Dir.mktmpdir
#system "git clone git+ssh:// #{tmpdir}"
system "git archive --remote=git+ssh:// master | tar Cxf #{tmpdir} -"
scp_to hosts, "#{tmpdir}/modules/browsers", "/etc/puppet/modules/browsers"
scp_to hosts, "#{tmpdir}/modules/cmgd_java", "/etc/puppet/modules/cmgd_java"
scp_to hosts, "#{tmpdir}/modules/xvfb", "/etc/puppet/modules/xvfb"

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