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Created Dec 7, 2012
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bundle Create pybundles (archives containing multiple packages)
freeze Output all currently installed packages (exact versions) to stdout
help Show available commands
install Install packages
search Search PyPI
show Output installed distributions (exact versions, files) to stdout
uninstall Uninstall packages
unzip Unzip individual packages
zip Zip individual packages
-h, --help Show help
-v, --verbose Give more output
-V, --version Show version and exit
-q, --quiet Give less output
--log <FILENAME> Log file where a complete (maximum verbosity) record will be kept
--proxy <PROXY> Specify a proxy in the form user:passwd@proxy.server:port. Note that the user:password@ is optional and required only if you are behind an authenticated proxy. If you provide user@proxy.server:port then
you will be prompted for a password.
--timeout <SECONDS> Set the socket timeout (default 15 seconds)
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