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Created Dec 9, 2012
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pip install [options] <package> [<package> ...]
General Options:
-V, --version
show version and exit
-v, --verbose
increase verbosity
-q, --quiet
decrease verbosity
--log <path>
log file (maximum verbosity)
--proxy <proxy>
use proxy server (specified as user:pswd@server:port)
--timeout <sec>
set socket timeout (default: 15 seconds)
--exists-action <(s)witch,(i)gnore,(w)ipe,(b)ackup>
default action for already existing paths
Package Finder Options:
ignore package index (use --find-links instead)
-M, --use-mirrors
use a pypi mirror if the main index is offline
-f, --find-links <url>
search for packages at <url>
-i, --index-url <url>
base pypi url
--extra-index-url <url>
package indexes to use in addition to --index-url
--mirrors <url>
specific mirror <url> to query when --use-mirrors is used
Install Options:
--user install to user site-packages
--egg install as a self contained egg file
--no-deps ignore package dependencies
--no-install download and unpack packages only
--no-download install only already downloaded packages
--force-reinstall reinstall all packages even if they are already up-to-date
-I, --ignore-installed ignore installed packages (reinstall instead)
-U, --upgrade upgrade packages to the newest available version
-e, --editable <wc> install a package directly from a checkout
-r, --requirement <pth> install packages from requirements file
-b, --build <dir> unpack and build packages from <dir>
-d, --download <dir> download packages into <dir> instead of installing them
-t, --target <dir> install packages into <dir>
--src <dir> checkout --editable packages into <dir>
--root <dir> install everything relative to <dir>
--download-cache <dir> cache downloaded packages in <dir>
--install-option <opts> extra arguments to pass to ' install'
--global-option <opts> extra arguments to pass to the ''
--build: /home/gv/.virtualenvs/pipa/build
--src: /home/gv/.virtualenvs/pipa/src
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