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Created Feb 21, 2014
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.. contents::
pip <command> [options]
.. _`Logging`:
Console logging
pip offers :ref:`-v, --verbose <--verbose>` and :ref:`-q, --quiet <--quiet>`
to control the console log level. Each option can be used multiple times and
used together. One ``-v`` increases the verbosity by one, whereas one ``-q`` decreases it by
The series of log levels, in order, are as follows::
``NOTIFY`` is the default level.
A few examples on how the parameters work to affect the level:
* specifying nothing results in ``NOTIFY``
* ``-v`` results in ``INFO``
* ``-vv`` results in ``DEBUG``
* ``-q`` results in ``WARN``
* ``-vq`` results in ``NOTIFY``
The most practical use case for users is either ``-v`` or ``-vv`` to see
additional logging to help troubleshoot an issue.
.. _`FileLogging`:
File logging
pip offers the :ref:`--log <--log>` option for specifying a file where a maximum
verbosity log will be kept. This option is empty by default. This log appends
to previous logging.
Additionally, when commands fail (i.e. return a non-zero exit code), pip writes
a "failure log" for the failed command. This log overwrites previous
logging. The default location is as follows:
* On Unix and Mac OS X: :file:`$HOME/.pip/pip.log`
* On Windows, the configuration file is: :file:`%HOME%\\pip\\pip.log`
The option for the failure log, is :ref:`--log-file <--log-file>`.
Both logs add a line per execution to specify the date and what pip executable wrote the log.
Like all pip options, ``--log`` and ``log-file``, can also be set as an environment
variable, or placed into the pip config file. See the :ref:`Configuration`
.. _`exists-action`:
--exists-action option
This option specifies default behavior when path already exists.
Possible cases: downloading files or checking out repositories for installation,
creating archives. If ``--exists-action`` is not defined, pip will prompt
when decision is needed.
Only relevant to VCS checkout. Attempt to switch the checkout
to the appropriate url and/or revision.
Abort current operation (e.g. don't copy file, don't create archive,
don't modify a checkout).
Delete the file or VCS checkout before trying to create, download, or checkout a new one.
Rename the file or checkout to ``{name}{'.bak' * n}``, where n is some number
of ``.bak`` extensions, such that the file didn't exist at some point.
So the most recent backup will be the one with the largest number after ``.bak``.
.. _`General Options`:
General Options
.. pip-general-options::
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