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Last active Dec 13, 2016
Podcast editing recipe

Step by step

  1. Record the audio with Skype Call Recorder
  2. Save a copy of the audio file in a temporary directory
  3. Open the file in Garageband
  4. Remove extra audio from the beginning and the end
  5. Delete any problems in audio
  6. Apply the Compressor filter (manual config, threshold: ~ 30 dB, ratio: 30: 1, Attack: 10ms, gain: 4dB)
  7. Export to AIFF (uncompressed)
  8. Open the file in Audacity
  9. Use the filter Truncate Silence on the whole file (Level: -30dB, duration 0.3s, truncate to: 0.15s, compression: 50)
rafaelrosafu / get_title.js
Created Jan 13, 2016
Stupid bookmarklet to get page URLs in different formats. Unfortunately I lost the link for the original author, I just adapted it.
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javascript:!function(){function m(a){return a.replace("<","&lt;")}function n(a,b){return b.replace(/{([a-z]+)}/g,function(b,c){return a[c]})}var a=[["",{func:function(a){a.ttitle="\u201c"+a.ttitle+"\u201d by @rauschma #2ality",a.thref=a.thref+" ^ar"}}],["",{twit:"@451Research",source:"451 Research"}],["",{twit:"@addyosmani",source:"addyosmani"}],["",{twit:"@angellist",source:"AngelList"}],["",{twit:"@werner",source:"Werner Voguel's Blog"}],["",{twit:"@arstechnica",source:"Ars Technica"}],["",{twit:"@awscloud",source:"AWS Blog"}],["",{twit:"@badass_js",source:"Badass JS"}],["",{twit:"@ChromiumDev",source:"Chromium Blog"}],["",{twit:"@swardley",source:"Simon Wardley's Blog"}],["",{twit:"@firefox",source:"Mozilla Blog"}],["",{twit:"@nodejs",source:"Node JS Blog"}],["",{twit:"@cloudscaling",source:"Cloudscal
rafaelrosafu /
Last active Jun 6, 2019
Referências para aprender Python

Referências para aprender Python

Me perguntaram dicas sobre como aprender Python para quem nunca programou antes. Não é a minha especialidade, mas graças aos meus amigos no Twitter e no Facebook, consegui juntar uma lista de referências que espero ser útil.

Se alguém tiver mais referências, por favor, deixem comentários ou me mande uma mensagem em @rafaelrosafu.


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Created Jan 26, 2015 identity proof

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am rafaelrosafu on github.
  • I am rafaelrosafu ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 1BF4 D4F7 E3EE AEEA 36AF 2D76 0E8D EC06 77F1 6DD1

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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Created Jan 16, 2015
Comment on Ryan & Chris Play product development Could Podcasting be a Product?


I liked the discussion on the 1st episode, I just wonder if your goal is to focus the podcast on "jobs to be done for podcasts" or if that's just the first subject.

That question aside, I'm a product guy and I co-host 3 different podcasts, one has been running for 4+ years Grok Podcast with thousands of listeners and the others are up for 1 month, they are just starting (Mind the Cloud, Geek Out).

In any case, I've faced all the questions you mentioned and made my decisions. I have 2 different flows, one for the Grok and another for the newer ones. If you want to talk about it, on or off the air, I'm game.

Just for reference, there are 2 products that I'm trying to improve my podcasting flow: BuzzSprout for publishing/hosting and Auphonic for audio editing. They are not perfect but each does a part of the job. Ryan, this is the page that explains all the things you need to do to pu

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Last active Aug 29, 2015
Python environment provisioner on a Ubuntu machine. I recommend combining it with Vagrant
# This script can be run by:
# curl <raw text URL> | sh
# Installing basic packages
sudo apt-get install -y python-pip python-dev build-essential ipython-notebook
sudo pip install --upgrade pip
sudo pip install --upgrade virtualenv
View gist:9194961
source ~/.bash/system
PREFIX="${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}${BGreen}${Username}${BBlue}@${Color_Off} ${IBlack}${Time24h}${Color_Off} "
PROMPT_ORDER=(window_title vcs_pre PREFIX virtualenv vcs_prompt SUFFIX PromptSymbol Space)
sudo apt-get install optipng jpegoptim
optipng -preserve -o 0 *.png
jpegoptim --verbose --strip-all --total --preserve *.jp*