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Ideas :
1. Detect the person entering the room and automatically open the door, lock the door when a person leaves - P0
2. Automatically wake up "a computer" and open some programs on it (configurable)
3. Play music according to time of day and recent music preferences
4. Automatically toggle lights and curtains based on ambient light in the room.(using motors and such, but the hardware comes later, if we can just generate the right signals, that would be a huge step)
5. Have 2-3 "profiles" for the room which can be toggled by voice commands.
6. Integrate all this with mobile (Optional)
7. Identification and authentication of all people entering the room, if face not present in database, say unknown person.
8. RFID tag all "movable" items in room and detect when sth is taken out.
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Created August 10, 2011 10:22 — forked from jasonrudolph/
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