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Raúl Raja Martínez raulraja

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package arrow.derive
* An Algebraic data type [Type] can derive behaviors
* for its members
sealed class Derive<in Type> {
* Derived instances associated to [Type]
raulraja /
Last active Jun 6, 2021
Given validation steps

Given validation steps

  1. Only top level class, object, property or function can be @Given declarations
@Given fun <T> et(@Given eq: Eq<T>): Eq<Tree<T>> = ...
  1. Declarations with Value parameters annotated as @Given for injection must
raulraja / adt_bound_constrain.kt
Created May 28, 2021
Constraint ADT for Flow Action and Reaction emit
View adt_bound_constrain.kt
/** Dummy login model **/
value class UserName(val value: String)
value class Password(val value: String)
* A [Reaction] is always parametric to a type of [Action]
View DBEffect.kt
package dbactions
import arrow.continuations.Effect
import arrow.continuations.generic.DelimitedScope
import kotlin.reflect.KClass
* An abstract connection
interface Connection {
raulraja / st.kt
Created Nov 14, 2020
Marco's question in slack
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package arrow.prelude.test
import arrow.continuations.generic.DelimContScope
import arrow.continuations.generic.DelimitedScope
abstract class ST<S, A> @PublishedApi internal constructor() {
companion object {
operator fun <S, A> invoke(a: () -> A): ST<S, A> {
val memo by lazy(a)
return object : ST<S, A>() {
raulraja / IO.kt
Created Apr 17, 2020
Kinds without uncheched casts
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/** Bifunctor IO */
class IO<out E, out A> :
`*`<IO<*, *>>,
`*-*`<IO<*, *>, A>,
`*-*-*`<IO<*, *>, E, A> {
fun <B> fmap(f: (A) -> B): IO<Nothing, B> = TODO()
fun <B> flatMap(f: (A) -> `*-*`<IO<*, *>, B>): IO<Nothing, B> = TODO()
fun <C, D> bimap(fl: (E) -> C, fr: (A) -> D): IO<C, D> = TODO()
companion object {
raulraja / AutoCancellation.kt
Last active Mar 8, 2020
Arrow Fx. Auto cancels without leaving to user discipline to check for `isAlive`. Examples by @nomisRev
View AutoCancellation.kt
import arrow.fx.*
import arrow.fx.extensions.*
import arrow.fx.typeclasses.*
fun <A> IOOf<A>.onCancel(token: IOOf<Unit>): IO<A> =
guaranteeCase { case ->
when (case) {
ExitCase.Canceled -> token
else -> IO.unit
raulraja / rules.kt
Created Mar 5, 2020
Validation rules abstracting strategies with operations as extension functions
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package arrow.rules.test
import arrow.Kind
import arrow.core.Either
import arrow.core.EitherPartialOf
import arrow.core.Nel
import arrow.core.NonEmptyList
import arrow.core.Validated
import arrow.core.ValidatedPartialOf
import arrow.core.extensions.either.applicativeError.applicativeError
raulraja / TwitterHandle.kt
Created Feb 20, 2020
Type Refinements with Type Proofs in Kotlin
View TwitterHandle.kt
/* Coming up ~ April 2020 */
package test
import arrow.*
inline class TwitterHandle(val handle: String) {
companion object : Refined<String> {
override val validate: String.() -> Map<String, Boolean> = {
"Should start with '@'" to startsWith("@"),
raulraja / prelude.kt
Created Jan 7, 2020
Daydreaming proofs as contracts
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package arrow.meta.ide.plugins.proofs.contracts
import kotlin.contracts.Effect
import kotlin.contracts.ExperimentalContracts
interface TypeLevelEffect : Effect
interface Declaration : Effect
fun declaration(): Declaration = TODO()