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Shapeless autolifting Kleisli#local to avoid lambda boilerplate
import cats._
import shapeless._
import shapeless.ops.hlist.Selector
implicit class ReaderOps[A, B, L <: HList](f: Reader[A, B]) {
def liftD[AA](implicit ga: Generic.Aux[AA, L], sel: Selector[L, A]): Reader[AA, B] =
f.local[AA](aa => sel.apply(
case class Dep1(msg: String)
case class Dep2(amount: Int)
case class Config(dep: Dep1, dep2: Dep2)
implicit val module: Config = Config(Dep1("It's a : "), Dep2(10))
def service1: Reader[Dep1, String] = Reader { d1: Dep1 => d1.msg }
def service2: Reader[Dep2, Int] = Reader { d2: Dep2 => d2.amount }
val composed = for {
a <- service1.liftD[Config] // no need to provide local manual boilerplate
b <- service2.liftD[Config]
} yield a + b
// res0: cats.Id[String] = It's a : 10
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