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Mike Arnold razorsedge

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smoser / bdmapping
Created Feb 3, 2011
bdmapping: utility for providing the correct block-device-mapping args for ebs instances on EC2
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Usage() {
cat <<EOF
${0##*/} [-c] instance-type
print ephemeral store block-device-mapping arguments for 'instance-type'
If '-c' given, also print "--instance-type <instance-type>"
eqhmcow / puppet NFS
Created Dec 23, 2010
share NFS mounts on RHEL/CentOS with puppet, using augeas to manage exports file
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# modules/nfs/manifests/init.pp
class nfs_server {
file { "destroy_exports":
path => "/etc/exports.puppet",
ensure => present,
source => "puppet://$servername/modules/nfs/empty",
package { "portmap":
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