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Last active Aug 25, 2021
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#Sonic Pi Challenge #4 by Robin Newman
#I decided to generate my own binary string from text input
#which allows you to render any text here
#I liked initial code by theibbster at
#I developed this and put the two ideas together below
use_debug false
use_random_seed 6148
L= "Robin Newman's Sonic Pi challenge #4" #the text input I used
S=[] #array to hold binary represention of the string L
L.bytes.to_a.each do |x| #convert to binary 7 bit numbers for each character
S += [ x.to_s(2).rjust(7,"0")]
puts "Test string is #{L}"
puts "Translates to binary Array:",S
define :chrd do |deg, tonic, sca| #function from theibbster to modify degrees containing 7
n = 3
if deg.match?('7')
n = 4
deg = deg.slice(0,deg.length-1).to_sym
return (chord_degree deg, tonic, sca, n)
#list of seven progressions that can be used
p1 = [:i,:v,:vi,:iv]
p2 = [:i,:iv,:v,:iv]
p3 = [:ii7,:v7,:i7]
p4 = [:i,:vi,:iv,:v]
p5 = [:i,:v,:vi,:iii,:iv,:i,:iv,:v]
p6 = [:i,:vi,:ii,:v]
p7 = [:i,:iii,:iv,:ii]
pl=(ring p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6,p7).shuffle #set up ring of progressions
with_fx :reverb,room: 0.8,mix: 0.7 do #add reverb
with_fx :level,amp: 1 do |vol| #vary vol as piece progresses
set :vol,vol #stopre ref to fx_level for control
live_loop :vet do #control level output on 10 sec up/down ramp
control get(:vol),amp: vlev,amp_slide: 10
sleep 10
S.each.with_index do |v,i| #iterate through binary character strings
sample :drum_snare_hard,amp: 2 #drum and roll at start of each new character
sample :drum_roll,amp: 1.5
puts "Binary: #{v} index #{i} character "+L[i]
8.times do |id|
progplay+= pl[id] if n==1 #insert next progression if binary 1 otherwise omit
puts "Selected progression is #{progplay}"
progression = progplay #set next assembled progression to be played
#vary tonic note for each iteration using sequence below
tonic = (ring 62.5,62.5+7,62.5-5,62.5-12,62.5+7-12,62.5-5-12).tick
set :tonic,tonic
#choose scale type from specified list
myScale = (ring :major,:mixolydian,:minor,:minor_pentatonic,:dorian,:aeolian).choose# or tick(:sc)
#process next progression
progression.each_with_index do |deg,i|
nl=(chrd deg, tonic, myScale) #get notes to play
use_synth :dsaw #play bass note with dsaw as a drone
play nl[0]-12,\
sustain: (nl.length)*0.9*0.095,release: 0.005,\
amp: 0.7,pan: 1*(-1)**i #alternate notes on pan +-1
use_synth :pulse #use pulse for faster notes
nl.each do |n| #play notes in sequence
play n,\
sustain: 0.095,release: 0.005,\
amp: 0.5,pan: 0.5*(-1)**tick(:iloop) #alternate notes on pan +-0.5
sleep 0.1
#play final note to finish
sample :drum_roll
synth :dsaw,note: get(:tonic)-24,release: (sample_duration :drum_roll)
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