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Program to drive MeArm robot using a picon zero controller board and a PS3 wireless congtroller. See video and article
#Python2.7 program to drive MeArm robot, written by Robin Newman, May 2016
#Arm is connected to a picon zero board, which drives the four servos
#Control is by means of a PS3 wireless AFterGlow controller
import subprocess,sys #setup required phton libraries
import pygame
import piconzero as pz, time
pygame.init() #initialise items
clock = pygame.time.Clock()
ps3 = pygame.joystick.Joystick(0)
# Define which pins are the servos
pan = 0
lower = 1
grip = 3
upper = 2
pz.init() #initialise the piconzero board
# Set output mode to Servo
pz.setOutputConfig(pan, 2)
pz.setOutputConfig(lower, 2)
pz.setOutputConfig(grip, 2)
pz.setOutputConfig(upper, 2)
# Initialise all servo positions
panVal = 90
lowerVal = 160
gripVal = 150
upperVal = 78
pz.setOutput (pan, panVal)
pz.setOutput (lower, lowerVal)
pz.setOutput (grip, gripVal)
pz.setOutput (upper, upperVal)
while True: #main loop runs until ctrl-c detected
pygame.event.pump() #make sure event queue is current
llr=ps3.get_axis(0) #read the four axes (in fact don't use llr values or rlr in this version)
lud=ps3.get_axis(1) #used for lower arm
rud=ps3.get_axis(3) #used for upper arm
bopen=ps3.get_button(6) #open grip
bclose=ps3.get_button(7) #close grip
bleft=ps3.get_button(4) #pan left
bright=ps3.get_button(5) #pan right
#successive if statements mean more than one input can be actioned on each pass
if bleft == 1: #check for pan to the left
panVal=min(177,panVal + 3)
if bright == 1: #check for pan to the right
panVal=max(0, panVal - 3)
if lud < -0.5: #check for left joystick reduce
lowerVal=max(80,lowerVal -2)
if lud > 0.5: #check for left joystick increase
lowerVal = min(180,lowerVal + 2)
if bopen == 1: #check for grip open
gripVal=max( 90,gripVal - 5)
if bclose == 1: #check for grip close
gripVal=min(179,gripVal + 5)
if rud < -0.5: #check for right joystick increase
if rud > 0.5: #check for right joystick reduce
pz.setOutput (pan, panVal) #now send updated signals to the 4 servos
pz.setOutput (lower, lowerVal)
pz.setOutput (grip, gripVal)
pz.setOutput (upper, upperVal)
print "panVal "+str(panVal) #now print updated values in the terminal
print "gripVal "+str(gripVal)
print "lowerVal "+str(lowerVal)
print "upperVal "+str(upperVal)
clock.tick(20) #wait for a bit"clear") #clear the screen
except KeyboardInterrupt: #continue until ctrl-C
print ("Exiting")
pygame.quit() #clean up pygame and reset picon zero board
print ("Cleaned up")
sys.exit(1) #use to ignore error retrace
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