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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Sonic Pi Conductor. Lets you play a range of workspaces automatically one after the other in a specified order. Video showing operation is on my YouTube channel
#Sonic Pi Conductor by Robin Newman written for Sonic-Pi 2.1 onwards December 2014
#consists of two functions, slave and conductor, which make extensive use of the :cue and :sync system in Sonic Pi
#The program works becuase these commands can work between workspaces as well as within a single workspace.
#Instructions for use:
#1 In each workspace that you want to control, put as the FIRST LINE slave(ws number)
# eg in workspace two put slave(2), workspace 5 put slave(5) etc.
#2 Put as the LAST LINE of each workspace to be conducted the command cue :wsN where N is the workspace number:
# eg in workspace 2 put cue :ws2, in worksapce 5 put cue :ws5
#3 Now switch to the conductor workspace containing THIS program.
#4 Adjust the line sline = [3,7,4] to contain a list of the workspaces to be conducted in the order you want them to play
#5 Now RUN this workspace. It will not appear to do anything as it is waiting for a cue fron the first conducted workspace.
#6 Now switch to each of the workspaces to be conducted IN ASCENDING ORDER, not necessary to same as the playing order
# and press RUN. You amy see some output messages, and when the last workspace in the list is run,
# the conductor will start the first one in the PLAY ORDER list slist playing, and they will continue automatically from there.
#a 2 second delay is included between each workspace playing and the next one.
#you can comment this out if you want them to play without a break at all
# Note this will only work with linear programs. If you have a program that runs continuosly eg a live_loop then this program will not work
# because the conducted program never gets to an end until you press the stop button.
#================= The two function definitions ========================
define :slave do |i|
cue ("slave"+i.to_s).to_sym
sync ("start"+i.to_s).to_sym
define :conduct do |slist|
(slist.sort).each do |ws|
sync ("slave"+ws.to_s).to_sym #generates the cue name to sync with
puts ws.to_s+" started"
slist.each do |ws|
cue ("start"+ws.to_s).to_sym #generates the cue name to be sent
sync ("ws"+ws.to_s).to_sym #waits for the conducted program to send a cue back again when it is finished
sleep 2 #Delay between conducted programs. Comment or adjust this line to alter the delay between programs playing.
slist = [2,4,6,5,3] # The list of workspaces to be played
conduct(slist) # The maestro conducts the list!
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