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Script for regenerating the kubeconfig for system:admin user
echo "create a certificate request for system:admin user"
openssl req -new -newkey rsa:4096 -nodes -keyout $AUTH_NAME.key -out $AUTH_NAME.csr -subj "/CN=system:admin"
echo "create signing request resource definition"
oc delete csr $AUTH_NAME-access # Delete old csr with the same name
cat << EOF >> $AUTH_NAME-csr.yaml
kind: CertificateSigningRequest
name: $AUTH_NAME-access
- system:authenticated
request: $(cat $AUTH_NAME.csr | base64 | tr -d '\n')
- client auth
oc create -f $AUTH_NAME-csr.yaml
echo "approve csr and extract client cert"
oc get csr
oc adm certificate approve $AUTH_NAME-access
oc get csr $AUTH_NAME-access -o jsonpath='{.status.certificate}' | base64 -d > $AUTH_NAME-access.crt
echo "add system:admin credentials, context to the kubeconfig"
oc config set-credentials system:admin --client-certificate=$AUTH_NAME-access.crt \
--client-key=$AUTH_NAME.key --embed-certs --kubeconfig=/tmp/$NEW_KUBECONFIG
echo "create context for the system:admin"
oc config set-context system:admin --cluster=$(oc config view -o jsonpath='{.clusters[0].name}') \
--namespace=default --user=system:admin --kubeconfig=/tmp/$NEW_KUBECONFIG
echo "extract certificate authority"
oc -n openshift-authentication rsh `oc get pods -n openshift-authentication -o name | head -1` \
cat /run/secrets/ > ingress-ca.crt
echo "set certificate authority data"
oc config set-cluster $(oc config view -o jsonpath='{.clusters[0].name}') \
--server=$(oc config view -o jsonpath='{.clusters[0].cluster.server}') --certificate-authority=ingress-ca.crt --kubeconfig=/tmp/$NEW_KUBECONFIG --embed-certs
echo "set current context to system:admin"
oc config use-context system:admin --kubeconfig=/tmp/$NEW_KUBECONFIG
echo "test client certificate authentication with system:admin"
oc login -u system:admin
oc get pod -n openshift-console
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lousyd commented Jun 3, 2021

That's awesome. Thanks for creating this.

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rcarrata commented Jul 29, 2021

glad that helped @lousyd! :)

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rodolof commented Oct 14, 2021

Hi Roberto, it worked flawlessly for me yesterday in a 4.8 cluster. Then I tried to set a second kubeconfig file for a different cluster, same OCP, same version etc. But it failed. After several hours, I tried with a fresh terminal, and then it worked. I post this here, just in case it happens to anybody else.

Muchísimas gracias, menuda currada, enhorabuena!

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rcarrata commented Oct 17, 2021

@rodolof Thanks for the information and for the comment! And also happy that this scripts helped :)

Gracias a ti! Un abrazo!!

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rcarrata commented Feb 11, 2022

Updated to support also OpenShift 4.9 version

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