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realmonster / test.cpp
Created Aug 14, 2020
DirectDraw small test of API
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#include <cstdio>
#include <windows.h>
#include <ddraw.h>
char * GetErr(HRESULT r)
switch(r) {
case DD_OK: return "DD_OK";
realmonster /
Created Jul 24, 2018
Aero the Acro-Bat 2 (GEN) map converter into png
# Aero the Acro-Bat 2 (GEN) map converter into png
# for python 2.x
# by
# 24.07.2018
from PIL import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont
from struct import *
import sys
import math
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# Shader passes need to know details about the image in the mask_texture LUT
# files, so set the following constants in user-cgp-constants.h accordingly:
# 1.) mask_triads_per_tile = (number of horizontal triads in mask texture LUT's)
# 2.) mask_texture_small_size = (texture size of mask*texture_small LUT's)
# 3.) mask_texture_large_size = (texture size of mask*texture_large LUT's)
# 4.) mask_grille_avg_color = (avg. brightness of mask_grille_texture* LUT's, in [0, 1])
# 5.) mask_slot_avg_color = (avg. brightness of mask_slot_texture* LUT's, in [0, 1])
# 6.) mask_shadow_avg_color = (avg. brightness of mask_shadow_texture* LUT's, in [0, 1])
# Shader passes also need to know certain scales set in this .cgp, but their
realmonster /
Last active Apr 13, 2018
NES NTSC composite signal simulation for RetroArch, algo by Bisqwit
// NES NTSC composite signal CRT simulation for RetroArch
// implementation of algorithm by Bisqwit
// shader by r57shell
// thanks to feos & HardWareMan
// also TV subpixels and scanlines
void main_vertex
float4 position : POSITION,
realmonster /
Last active Jul 8, 2019
NOT Ideal NTSC composite cable CRT simulation for RetroArch
// NOT Ideal NTSC composite cable CRT simulation for RetroArch <- fix of title.
// by r57shell
// thanks to feos & HardWareMan
// ideal in terms of ideal encoding/decoding,
// also, without any passbands.
// also TV subpixels and scanlines
void main_vertex
realmonster / 0001-short.patch
Created Oct 7, 2017
vasm make abs short optimization
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From 0ff1b130dce84b48b65927bde7cd433ee4649228 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: realmonster <>
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2017 18:40:49 +0500
Subject: [PATCH] short
cpu.c | 12 ++++++++----
1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
diff --git a/cpu.c b/cpu.c
realmonster / rem320.cpp
Last active Jul 25, 2017
Get remainder by 320 for old CPU
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#include <cstdio>
typedef unsigned short u16;
unsigned char table[1<<10];
void prepare()
for (int i=0; i<(1<<10); ++i)
table[i] = ((i%5)<<5);
realmonster / .block
Last active May 3, 2017
Velocity vector approximation in integers for aiming
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license: mit
realmonster / .block
Last active Oct 20, 2016
Moon trajectory visualization
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license: mit
realmonster / joypads.s
Last active Jun 13, 2021
Sega Genesis Test ROM with reading of Team Player and 4Way on the fly.
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