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Using Power Mode in the Scala REPL to find the parameter names of a method
scala> :power
** Power User mode enabled - BEEP BOOP **
** has been imported **
** New vals! Try repl, global, power **
** New cmds! :help to discover them **
** New defs! Type power.<tab> to reveal **
scala> val s = repl.stringToCompilerType("scala.Some")
s: repl.compiler.Type = object Some
scala> val applyMethod = s.members.find( == "apply").get
applyMethod: repl.compiler.Symbol = method apply
scala> val param00Name = apply.paramss(0)(0).name
param00Name: repl.compiler.Name = x

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@taintech taintech commented Jul 28, 2011

Hello, how to quit from power mode?

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