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Easy Brew PHP version switching (Now moved to
# Creator: Phil Cook
# Modified: Andy Miller
# >>> IMPORTANT: Moved to:
# >>> Kept here for legacy purposes
osx_major_version=$(sw_vers -productVersion | cut -d. -f1)
osx_minor_version=$(sw_vers -productVersion | cut -d. -f2)
osx_patch_version=$(sw_vers -productVersion | cut -d. -f3)
osx_version=$((${osx_major_version} * 10000 + ${osx_minor_version} * 100 + ${osx_patch_version}))
homebrew_path=$(brew --prefix)
brew_prefix=$(brew --prefix | sed 's#/#\\\/#g')
php_array=("php@5.6" "php@7.0" "php@7.1" "php@7.2" "php@7.3" "php@7.4" "php@8.0" "php@8.1" "php@8.2")
native_osx_php_apache_module="LoadModule ${php5_module} libexec\/apache2\/"
if [ "${osx_version}" -ge "101300" ]; then
native_osx_php_apache_module="LoadModule ${php7_module} libexec\/apache2\/"
# Has the user submitted a version required
if [[ -z "$1" ]]; then
echo "usage: sphp version [-s|-s=*] [-c=*]"
echo " version one of:" ${brew_array[@]}
simple_php_version=$(echo "$php_version" | sed 's/^php@//' | sed 's/\.//')
if [[ simple_php_version -ge 70 && simple_php_version -lt 80 ]]; then
elif [[ simple_php_version -ge 80 ]]; then
# What versions of php are installed via brew
for i in ${php_array[*]}; do
version=$(echo "$i" | sed 's/^php@//')
if [[ -d "$homebrew_path/etc/php/$version" ]]; then
# Check that the requested version is supported
if [[ " ${php_array[*]} " == *"$php_version"* ]]; then
# Check that the requested version is installed
if [[ " ${php_installed_array[*]} " == *"$php_version"* ]]; then
# Switch Shell
echo "Switching to $php_version"
echo "Switching your shell"
for i in ${php_installed_array[@]}; do
brew unlink $i
brew link --force "$php_version"
# Switch apache
if [[ $apache_change -eq 1 ]]; then
echo "Switching your apache conf"
for j in ${php_installed_array[@]}; do
loop_php_version=$(echo "$j" | sed 's/^php@//' | sed 's/\.//')
if [[ loop_php_version -ge 70 && loop_php_version -lt 80 ]]; then
elif [[ loop_php_version -ge 80 ]]; then
apache_module_string="LoadModule $loop_php_module $php_opt_path$j$loop_apache_php_lib_path"
# If apache module string within apache conf
if grep -q "$apache_module_string" "$apache_conf_path"; then
# If apache module string not commented out already
if ! grep -q "$comment_apache_module_string" "$apache_conf_path"; then
sed -i.bak "s/$apache_module_string/$comment_apache_module_string/g" $apache_conf_path
# Else the string for the php module is not in the apache config then add it
sed -i.bak "/$native_osx_php_apache_module/a\\
" $apache_conf_path
sed -i.bak "s/\#LoadModule $php_module $apache_php_mod_path/LoadModule $php_module $apache_php_mod_path/g" $apache_conf_path
echo "Restarting apache"
brew services stop httpd
brew services start httpd
echo ""
php -v
echo ""
echo "All done!"
echo "Sorry, but $php_version is not installed via brew. Install by running: brew install $php_version"
echo "Unknown version of PHP. PHP Switcher can only handle arguments of:" ${brew_array[@]}
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Synchro commented Jan 12, 2022

I run nginx rather than apache, and always prefer FPM, so this approach doesn't work generically enough to support that kind of config. As a result, I much prefer @rozsival's approach, and so i just posted a fork of his script that supports PHP 8.1 and drops old versions that are no longer supported.

Note that it's also possible to set up a redirect on the macOS firewall so that you don't have to run nginx/apache on a privileged port, and you can then have it run on its default port 8080, and the firewall forwards traffic from port 80. This is much more robust that reconfiguring the web server every time.

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bgdz commented Sep 21, 2022

@lchabrand wrote:

Not working for me on a freshly new install macos monterey, using a intel proc. I installed php with brew install shivammathur/php/php@7.4 and when i use sphp i have the following error message : Sorry, but php@7.3 is not installed via brew. Install by running: brew install php@7.3

I had the same problem. I changed line 58 to:
if [[ -d "$homebrew_path/opt/php@$version" ]]; then

But then had other problems with the php path. Realized it was because I originally installed php using the built in apache, then used brew to install apache AFTER I installed php, so I uninstalled my php files, example:
brew uninstall shivammathur/php/php@7.4

and then reinstalled them:
brew install shivammathur/php/php@7.4

then switched line 58 back to:
if [[ -d "$homebrew_path/etc/php/$version" ]]; then
I only installed the versions of php that I needed, so I found it helpful to list the php brew versions installed if I try to switch to one that isn't:

after line 119, which currently reads:
echo "Sorry, but $php_version is not installed via brew. Install by running: brew install $php_version."

I added a list of brew installed versions by removing the quote at the end of line 119 and adding a line afterwards to get a list of installed versions, so line 119 & 120 now read:
echo "Sorry, but $php_version is not installed via brew. Install by running: brew install $php_version.
Brew installed versions: " ${php_installed_array[@]}

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It's that time of year again. Now that Homebrew has php 8.2 available the script needs a slight update to include 8.2.

The arrays near the top of the script brew_array and php_array can be updated as seen below.

## TODO: Update 'brew_array' and 'php_array' when new version of php are released
php_array=("php@5.6" "php@7.0" "php@7.1" "php@7.2" "php@7.3" "php@7.4" "php@8.0" "php@8.1" "php@8.2")

Note: If you don't have 8.1 installed you'll see an error Error: No such keg: /usr/local/Cellar/php@8.1. Not that it's a big deal, but if it bothers you, then you can run brew install php@8.1 or remove it from the above arrays.

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For an Update for the PHP version to 8.2.. change those lines(12 and 13) to the ones below
php_array=("php@5.6" "php@7.0" "php@7.1" "php@7.2" "php@7.3" "php@7.4" "php@8.0" "php@8.1" "php@8.2")

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dregad commented Jan 3, 2023

I'm using GNU grep as default instead of MacOS's version of it, and since it was upgraded to 3.8, sphp started throwing warnings (8 per installed php version):

grep: warning: stray \ before /

I understand that the backslash is required as the regex is also used for sed, so I'm not quite sure how best to fix this. As a workaround I've modified sphp to call /usr/bin/grep.

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jpickwell commented Jan 3, 2023

@dregad, in addition to that change, I would remove the unnecessary escapes in the variable values altogether, and then do localized replacements for the sed calls by using something like ${apache_php_mod_path//\//\\\/} (the general form is ${VAR//PATTERN/REPLACE}).

Using the full path for every non-built-in command creates predictability in the script and reduces inconsistencies between user machines.

To help with consistency and to reduce maintenance, small wrapper functions can be written inside the script for each non-built-in. For example:

grep() {
  /usr/bin/grep "$@"

Then grep can be used without a path or backslash prefix in the rest of the script.

I would also run the script through ShellCheck and shfmt.

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rhukster commented Jan 3, 2023

If anyone wants to rewrite the script and optimize it, I will gladly test it!

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dregad commented Jan 4, 2023

@rhukster thanks for considering this as a permanent change to sphp script.

Since Gists do not allow pull requests, how would you like to receive contributions ? Is a simple comment here with a patch OK, or would you prefer to get the changes from a fork of the Gist ?

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rhukster commented Jan 4, 2023

I might just move this to a full repo. Overkill for one file generally but in these situations PRs and issues would be helpful.

Let me do that today.

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dregad commented Feb 22, 2023

@rhukster just wondering if you ever got around to creating a repo for this script to allow contributions via pull requests. If so, a link would be nice as I didn't find it.

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Dang forgot all about it.. going to create that repo now.

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@rhukster just wondering if you ever got around to creating a repo for this script to allow contributions via pull requests. If so, a link would be nice as I didn't find it.

Here it is:

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dregad commented Mar 6, 2023

Thanks @rhukster. FYI you forgot to update a link in your blog article, PHP Switcher Script in the paragraph after the subtitle still points to Gist.

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rhukster commented Mar 6, 2023

cheers, will update that too.

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