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Created Jan 20, 2018

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Email from Nell Watson about EthicsNet; subject "Reqeust for consideration on your list of AI safety orgs"

Thank you so much for your followup, Issa.

  • It's better listed as an organization than a project, please.
  • The launch date was June 2016. 0 FTEs, but 5 part-time volunteers thus far. It is headquartered in in the UK.
  • The initial co-founders include
    • Nell Watson – Evangelist
    • Anish Mohammed – CyberSecurity Strategist
    • Remco Bloemen – Algorithmic Engineer
    • Aleksandra Orchowska – Human Interfaces Specialist
  • Feel free to quote publicly, thank you.

I hope that this answers your query. Thank you so much!

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