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Created April 16, 2012 21:52
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Dynamic DNS with Cloudflare - Python Script
# Set up a new A record in Cloudflare, add the details of it along with your account details below
# Make sure this script runs on startup (or whenever you get a new IP...)
# @author Aaron Rice <>
import urllib
import json
import sys
new_ip = urllib.urlopen("").read()
print "Error getting IP"
# Put your Cloudflare settings here.
# The host must be an A record that already exists in cloudflare
data = {
"a" : "DIUP",
"tkn" : "API_TOKEN_HERE",
"ip" : new_ip.strip(),
"z" : "DOMAIN_HERE",
dns_response = json.loads(urllib.urlopen("", urllib.urlencode(data)).read())
if dns_response[u'result'] == "success":
print "IP updated to " + new_ip,
print "Error Setting IP"
print "Error with cloudflare API"
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riceo commented Jul 2, 2013


Sorry I haven't responded sooner - I had no idea you commented.

This was a quick hack for dynamic DNS via Cloudflare. If you run it as a cronjob on your server it will use the Cloudflare API to update your server's current public IP adress for the specified DNS entry on Cloudflare.

The change should only take a few minutes max to propagate.

I wouldn't trust it in a production environment, but it should work fine for testing / dev.

Let me know if you have any problems, and feel free to email me if I don't respond quick enough here!


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tiagoad commented Feb 11, 2014

Hey! I made a script similar to this, but it can update several hosts (like and

Check it out here:

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riceo commented Apr 12, 2014

@ttsda nice!

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nardev commented Jan 9, 2017

seems like parameters are changed now...

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riceo commented Nov 20, 2018

I'd imagine so!

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