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Last active Oct 12, 2016
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Memorize the RSA encryption algorithm as a song! This is a mirrored copy of the RSA, Superpolynomial song which has become hard to find on the Internet.
These original sources are now no longer available:
For a 2000 example of how to use this song in a lecture format, see by Eric Hughes.
To the tune of Mary Poppins:
Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes.
Even though in practice it would take you several lifetimes,
If you ran it long enough you'd always find those two primes.
Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes
E to the root-log root-log-log [4x]
When I was but a naive lad first coding two's and three's
I thought the only "orders of" were trivialities.
But when I saw this function something opened up to me
The elegance of computational complexity.
I was at a meeting when up came a man in black
Who told me that his agency had mounted an attack.
Convincing him was fruitless that his budget would collapse
All I know his trumpeter will soon be playing Taps.
In virtual environments has grown up a debate
Of whether strong cryptography can overthrow the state.
But several such technologies including public key
Shall herald in the coming age of crypto-anarchy.
Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes
Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes
Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes
Superpolynomial subexponential runtimes

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@rietta rietta commented Oct 12, 2016

Found a related post that provides more context!

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