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chromium os plugins

this scripts installs: Flash, PDF, for some Chromium OS builds. (confirmed on Vanilla build 3389 Built on 12th December 2012!) Carputers confirmed that it also works on ArnoldTheBat's Cx86OS-20130423010101 build!

Sadly enough the Hangouts stopped working! i don't know about Netflix, since i can't test it. and since ~4-08-2013 MP3/Mp4 stopped working?

if you want to use this script on ArnoldTheBat's Chromium OS build, keep in mind that he uses the password: "password" instead of "facepunch". (without the quotes ;))

all credits go to dz0ny, his script can be found here: but this script didn't work for me and some more people. so i tried to do what his script did, but a little different. And also a big thanks to Jamison Lofthouse and Steve Pirk, as they got the Google Hangout plugin to work.

in the latest builds, Python is included again! this makes Dz0ny's script work again, if bandwith and time isn't a concern, please use his script!

because bandwith is a concern for some people (i guesss no-one using Chromium Os will face that problem though;), i kept this package as small as possible. (it'll probably also be a little bit faster, but i haven't compared the scripts)

If anyone knows how to install more stuff or got anything to ask, you can contact me at: I would still like to add Java so if you've got this working please contact me.

how to install?

  1. start Chromium OS.

  2. log in.

  3. press alt+ctrl+F2.

  4. log in as user: chronos password: facepunch.

  5. enter the command: sudo su, and log in with the password: facepunch.

  6. enter the following: curl -L | bash

  7. wait for it to finish, you will automatically be taken back to the login screen and everything should be working.

fixing audio (there's a change in the new builds, for me audio was working so i don't know what to do if it doesn't. you can try to restart your audio driver with alsaucm or alsactl):

  1. start Chromium OS.

  2. log in.

  3. press alt+ctrl+F2.

  4. log in as user: chronos password: facepunch.

  5. enter the command: sudo su, and log in with password: facepunch.

  6. enter the following command: mount -o remount, rw /

  7. enter the following command: alsaconf, and press enter till you come back to the terminal.

  8. enter the following command: mount -o remount, r /

  9. enter the following command: reboot. it should work now.

Thanks to Arnold The Bat, some touchpad's that aren't working with a default setup can now be fixed! he also got a broadcom wifi card working! go to his page ( to find out how to set it up. zhaostu made a script that can automaticaly detect and set-up your touchpad, you can find it here:

#based on which is based on
#mounting the filesystem as writable
mount -o remount, rw /
cd /opt/
echo "Downloading important data"
wget --no-check-certificate -O "data.tar" ""
echo "extracting the very important data!"
tar -xf data.tar
mkdir -p /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
#Flash, pdf
#mp3,mp4, stopped working...
cp /opt/data/ /usr/lib/cromo/ -f
cp /opt/data/ /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ -f
cp /opt/data/ /opt/google/chrome/ -f
cp /opt/data/ /opt/google/chrome/pepper/ -f
cp /opt/data/manifest.json /opt/google/chrome/pepper/ -f
cp /opt/data/ /opt/google/chrome/pepper/ -f
echo "deleting downloaded crap"
rm -rf /opt/data/
rm /opt/data.tar
restart ui
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Is this script still working? Last time I used it it crashed my Chromium install...

This script worked fine for me:

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anyone got offline audio working??

Only able to play songs in browser using flash player... Songs under files section are not utterring a single word..

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ghost commented May 13, 2014

For flash, mp3, mp4 and PDF, you can check my script :

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ghost commented Aug 28, 2014

Had some problems with this on a newly updated 64-bit system - the script would fail when trying to create the /pepper subdirectory. So, I manually created it and reran - this time the flash files got there with no problem, but when trying to run youtube, it just shows a big black box. Any suggestions???

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hetzbh commented Sep 5, 2014

The flash plugin seems really old in this package, so I packed the Flash which comes with Chrome OS and here is a link to a zip file. Could you replace the Flash that you have with this? I just checked it on Chromium OS from today (64 bit) and it works perfectly.

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You should use a
'''mkdir -p /opt/google/chrome/pepper/'''
before pasting stuff into it; I had to create the folder manually :P

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rikels commented Nov 6, 2014

A lot changed since I used Chromium OS the last time, it was a project at an internship. I'll be glad to change the script and update Pepper Flash. I'll try to use Chromiums OS in VirtualBox tomorrow to update the script. But I'm not an expert in Linux, I just rewrote the original script to avoid use of Python (as that's why the original script didn't work at the time i used it).
EDIT 16-11-2014:
Sorry, I had a little less time past weekend than i expected. But I seem to have some problems with Chromium OS on virtual box... I have updated all the dependencies, you can still use the same link. ( version,, I don't know if the last two got updated)

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Do look into that, as hetzbh's link seems to have gone under.

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rikels commented Nov 16, 2014

Can anyone test if this works (I don't have any hardware that can run Chromium OS :S, and VirtualBox seems to have a hard time with it too...):
in step 6 use : instead of

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ppeppe commented Nov 17, 2014

I have flash player now ...but geting ,can not load plugin ...

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ppeppe commented Nov 17, 2014

i installed

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Addvilz commented Nov 19, 2014

What everyone fails to notice, THIS is a i386 build of pepflash! Therefore, if you have x64 Chromium OS build, this WILL NOT work.

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rikels commented Nov 20, 2014

it indeed is for x86/i386/32 bit. I can also create a script for the 64 bit version. (I might do that this weekend) But does the current flash plugin work on 32 bit version of Chromium OS? As i can't seem to get recent versions of Chromium OS to work to test it myself...

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I can confirm works for flash upgrade (for me from to
I am using arnolds Cx86OS_R34-5196_Multi on a lenovo edge 11 x86 (broadcom wireless).

Has anyone been able to get mp3/mp4 working??? I can't get mp4/3 working from any of arnolds x86 builds, from any script here or google searched. I have installed the plugins with no errors. Has google blocked mp3/mp4 plugin on chromim os?

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rikels commented Nov 25, 2014

I have updated the script to download different packages for 64bit and 32bit. Use the old new url ;P in step 6 : instead of And please report back if it works, or also broke it for 32 bit =)

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Can confirm that MP4/MP3 fails to work. Plex says "This Browser doesn't support video streaming".

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I also FAIL on with script. I am now unable to start terminal with ctrl+alt+t. ctrl+alt+f2 works. None of my plugin seem to work now. Flash definetly not working.
I am running Camd64OS-20141128010102.img, from an USB stick

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Confirming worked- well, at minimum Amazon's Flash based Cloudplayer is working- with a 2013 Dell XPS 13 (Developer Edition) running:

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Broke crosh here as well but flash seems to work though, Camd64OS-20141221010101

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Does anyone have any idea why this would cause crosh to not work?

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Can confirm that flash does work with curl -L | bash
Arnold the bat Camd64OS-20150120010101.img.7z
Version 42.0.2292.0 (64-bit)
Platform 6744.0.2015_02_01_0244 (Developer Build - buildbot) developer-build amd64-generic
it however broke crosh but I can live with it.

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Okay, so I didn't notice the new script

I got flash and HTML5 video working on my x64 install

The key is that needs to me from almost the same build of Chrome. I used Chrome Dev 44.0.x 64bit for Debian. Download it on Windows (Hint, when you're on the Chrome Dev Linux download page, add &standalone=1 to the URL...not sure if it's needed, but it was when I pilled the dlls for Node-Webkit back a few months ago.

7zip is capable opening the data.tar, and you need most of the opt folder.

data.tar/./opt/google/chrome-unstable/PepperFlash/ -> /opt/google/chrome/pepper/

data.tar/./opt/google/chrome/ -> /opt/google/chrome/, and I think it needs to be in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/, I didn't make /usr/lib/cromo/ and it didn't exist sooooooo..

Not sure if the 32bit version of from the original script worked, or if Chromium has native PDF support now...I think it does..Chrome Dev doesn't have the .so and I was able to use PDFs...didn't try before the 32 bit .so was in my 64 bit install, but they work now so I don't know.

Now to fix my audio card!

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erichdp commented May 8, 2015

Hey rikels. Thanks for your previous work! I'm working tech at a public school and am in the process of updating our old computers from 2006 to Chromium OS. I'm currently using ArnoldTheBats Special Build - R42-6813 ( Is it possible you could update your script so it will be compatible with ATB's build? It would greatly help increase the logevity of our computers. Thanks!

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asafyat commented May 10, 2015

Nice, iPonyRadio it working perfectly.

I suggest copy PepperFlash directory to the Chromium OS pepper flash directory my Flash games start working.

Were you able to fix your audio ? It seems to be working on my Chromium now

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For me Flash worked with curl -L | bash, but the replacement completely broke any media at all.

@iPonyRadio's suggestion worked, though!

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I am running chromiumOS on my Tosh Chromebook2, but cannot copy anything to the /opt/.../... because its read only. tried sudo, su but still no luck.


edit: nevermind had to run through the rw-rootfs script :)

that said, I still cant get flash working after iPonys instructions. I dont want to break crosh, so i am worried about the script.

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Coburn commented Aug 29, 2016

Since support for Flash, mp3, Java, etc. in Chromium OS is now practically unmaintained, please tell the community how to provide self-support. Where does one find the compatible codecs? How are they extracted, built, and installed? What are the issues with proprietary code, and what might be some of the security obstacles put up to avoid improper use of the codecs? Thanks

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lorby commented Oct 21, 2016

Hey guys, a bit of a thread dig. I've used this stuff in the past to try and get flash working on chromium for the support students at the school I work at and it's been good but I've just tried again recently and the repositories seem to be down, specifically the stuff. Is there any chance it could be rehosted please? Thanks!

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I am getting incorrect login by using chronos and password: facepunch

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