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// The plugin looks for a .jsbeautifyrc file in the same directory as the
// source file you're prettifying (or any directory above if it doesn't exist,
// or in your home folder if everything else fails) and uses those options
// along the default ones.
// Details:
// Documentation:
"html": {
"allowed_file_extensions": ["htm", "html", "xhtml", "shtml", "xml", "svg"],
rishabhmhjn / ip-num-conversion.js
Created July 1, 2016 04:52
Convert IP into Integer and Integer into IP
import _ from 'lodash';
import {
} from 'lodash';
const IP_CAL = [Math.pow(256, 3), Math.pow(256, 2), Math.pow(256, 1), Math.pow(256, 0)];
function ipToNum(ip) {
HTTP Verb   Path              Controller#Action   Used for
GET         /photos           photos#index        display a list of all photos
GET         /photos/new       photos#new          return an HTML form for creating a new photo
POST        /photos           photos#create       create a new photo
GET         /photos/:id       photos#show         display a specific photo
GET         /photos/:id/edit  photos#edit         return an HTML form for editing a photo
PATCH/PUT   /photos/:id       photos#update       update a specific photo
DELETE /photos/:id photos#destroy delete a specific photo
rishabhmhjn / ssh.config
Created December 16, 2015 04:57
SSH remote login via app-nat to app-remote
Host app-nat
User app-nat-user
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/app-nat-id_rsa
Host app-remote
ProxyCommand ssh -q app-nat nc 22
User app-remote-user
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/app-remote-id_rsa
rishabhmhjn / TwttrMaxlengthDirective.js
Last active December 15, 2015 07:12
An extension to md-maxlength from Angular Material ( to calculate a tweet's length using the twitter-text-js library. Demo
(function() {
// angular.module('TwttrMaxlengthDirectiveDemo', ['ngMaterial'])
// .constant('twttr', twttr) //
// .directive('twttrMaxlength', TwttrMaxlengthDirective);
TwttrMaxlengthDirective.$inject = ['$animate', 'twttr'];
function TwttrMaxlengthDirective($animate, twttr) {
return {
rishabhmhjn /
Created December 19, 2014 17:33
Creating Arc shaped progress bars (
package me.rishabhmhjn.droid.widgets;
import android.content.Context;
import android.content.res.TypedArray;
rishabhmhjn / executeShellInGradle
Created November 5, 2014 07:26
Executing shell commands and getting output in gradle
def getVersionName = { ->
def hashStdOut = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
exec {
commandLine "git", "rev-parse", "--short", "HEAD"
standardOutput = hashStdOut
def buildNumberStdOut = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
exec {
commandLine 'echo', "$BUILD_NUMBER"
rishabhmhjn / viewport_snippet.html
Created October 27, 2014 01:59
Viewport disable user pinch zoom on mobile devices to be put inside the <head> tag
<!-- Viewport mobile tag for sensible mobile support -->
<meta name="MobileOptimized" content="320" />
<meta http-equiv="cleartype" content="on" />
<meta name="HandheldFriendly" content="True" />
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0" />
package in.jasonleon.vanityviews.widget;
import android.animation.ObjectAnimator;
import android.animation.PropertyValuesHolder;
import android.animation.ValueAnimator;
import android.annotation.TargetApi;
import android.content.Context;
import android.content.res.TypedArray;
import android.os.Build;
import android.util.AttributeSet;
package me.unfollowers.droid.ui;
import me.unfollowers.droid.R;
import android.view.View;
import android.view.ViewGroup;
import android.widget.ProgressBar;
* @author rishabhmhjn