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ipedrazas / knife cheat
Last active December 13, 2021 11:50
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# knife cheat
## Search Examples
knife search "name:ip*"
knife search "platform:ubuntu*"
knife search "platform:*" -a macaddress
knife search "platform:ubuntu*" -a uptime
knife search "platform:ubuntu*" -a virtualization.system
knife search "platform:ubuntu*" -a network.default_gateway
public class CircularProgressDrawable extends Drawable
implements Animatable {
private static final Interpolator ANGLE_INTERPOLATOR = new LinearInterpolator();
private static final Interpolator SWEEP_INTERPOLATOR = new DecelerateInterpolator();
private static final int ANGLE_ANIMATOR_DURATION = 2000;
private static final int SWEEP_ANIMATOR_DURATION = 600;
private static final int MIN_SWEEP_ANGLE = 30;
private final RectF fBounds = new RectF();
mpost /
Created September 18, 2013 11:50
Android application demonstrating the usage of ViewOverlay and OnPreDrawListener to achieve animations effects.
package com.example.overlay;
public class Entry {
private final int imageResId;
private final String title;
public Entry( int imageResId, String title ) {
this.imageResId = imageResId;
anonymous / gist:6249142
Created August 16, 2013 11:35
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#created by @nthgergo
set :application, "APPLICATION_NAME"
set :scm, :git
set :repository, "GIT_URL"
set :user, "ec2-user"
set :ssh_options, { :forward_agent => true }
default_run_options[:pty] = true
set :use_sudo, false
set :branch, "master"
aprock /
Created August 12, 2013 18:08
Rounded Corner Image Transformation for square's Picasso
// enables hardware accelerated rounded corners
// original idea here :
Mithrandir0x / gist:3639232
Created September 5, 2012 16:15
Difference between Service, Factory and Provider in AngularJS
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// Source:!topic/angular/hVrkvaHGOfc
// jsFiddle:
// author: Pawel Kozlowski
var myApp = angular.module('myApp', []);
//service style, probably the simplest one
myApp.service('helloWorldFromService', function() {
this.sayHello = function() {
return "Hello, World!"
romannurik /
Last active May 1, 2021 10:16
**BETA** Android 4.0-style "Swipe to Dismiss" sample code
Moved to
MohamedAlaa / tmux-cheatsheet.markdown
Last active June 4, 2023 14:23
tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet
View tmux-cheatsheet.markdown

tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet

start new:


start new with session name:

tmux new -s myname
romannurik / button_bar_layout.xml
Created April 10, 2012 04:24
How to make a proper button bar on ICS
View button_bar_layout.xml
A button bar is a set of buttons at the bottom of an activity.
An example is an AlertDialog with OK/Cancel buttons.
Note that something similar can be accomplished using a
split action bar and text-only action buttons, but this is an
alternate presentation that's often preferred.
<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""
artero / launch_sublime_from_terminal.markdown
Last active April 27, 2023 15:46 — forked from olivierlacan/launch_sublime_from_terminal.markdown
Launch Sublime Text 2 from the Mac OS X Terminal
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Launch Sublime Text 2 from the Mac OS X Terminal

Sublime Text 2 ships with a CLI called subl (why not "sublime", go figure). This utility is hidden in the following folder (assuming you installed Sublime in /Applications like normal folk. If this following line opens Sublime Text for you, then bingo, you're ready.

open /Applications/Sublime\ Text\

You can find more (official) details about subl here: