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Last active December 17, 2020 20:07
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# Author Rajesh Sitaraman
# @rjesh |
Download Ignite 2019 session presentation slides and videos.
PS C:\> .\Get-IgniteContent.ps1 -DownloadPath /Users/rajeshsitaraman/src/public/share/IG-2019 -Keyword "AI"
PS C:\> .\Get-IgniteContent.ps1 -DownloadPath /Users/rajeshsitaraman/src/public/share/IG-2019 -Keyword "Teams" -IncludeVideos
Downloads all sessions -- Might take very long time
PS C:\> .\Get-IgniteContent.ps1 -DownloadPath /Users/rajeshsitaraman/src/public/share/IG-2019
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true, Position = 1)]
[Parameter(Mandatory = $false, Position = 2)]
[Parameter(Mandatory = $false, Position = 3)]
$itemsPerPage = 100
$page = 1
$response = $null
If (-Not (Test-Path -Path $DownloadPath -PathType Container)) {
New-Item -Path $DownloadPath -ItemType directory | Out-Null
function Get-File {
param([Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][string] $FilePath, [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][string] $URI)
if (Test-Path $FilePath -PathType Leaf) {
Write-Host "Skipping $FilePath already exists." -ForegroundColor Red
}else {
If ($PSVersionTable.PSEdition -eq "Core") {
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $URI -OutFile $FilePath
Else {
Start-BitsTransfer -Source $URI -Destination $FilePath
if (!$Keyword) { $searchText = "" } else { $searchText = $Keyword}
do {
$body = @{
"itemsPerPage" = $itemsPerPage
"searchText" = $searchText
"searchPage" = $page
"sortOption" = "None"
"mustHaveOnDemandVideo" = $true
$params = @{
Headers = @{"Content-type"="application/json"}
Body = $body | convertto-json
Method = "Post"
URI = ""
$response = Invoke-RestMethod @params
foreach ($item in $ {
$name = $item.Title -replace '[\W]', ' '
$name = $name.Substring(0,[System.Math]::Min(50, $name.Length))
Write-Host "Downloading -- $($item.sessionCodeNormalized)" -ForegroundColor Green
if ($item.slideDeck) {Get-File -URI $item.slideDeck -FilePath "$DownloadPath/$($item.sessionCodeNormalized)-$name.pptx"}
if ($item.downloadVideoLink -and $IncludeVideos) {Get-File -URI $item.downloadVideoLink-FilePath "$DownloadPath/$($item.sessionCodeNormalized)-$name.mp4"}
$page +=1
} until ($page -gt ($($$itemsPerPage))
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I don't understand this, did they even upload the videos yet to the web?

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Nice, but limited. Maintaining a session download script for years now, can get direct links as well as other quality streams (significant less space), filtering options, resuming, captions, etc. See

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awilmer commented Nov 19, 2019

Thanks, good job!

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Great script! I added a couple of if statements to check if the file already exists so that I could "resume" downloading stuff if my terminal session was closed. Lines 68-85 are what I changed:

How can I do to download the PPT for Ignite 2020?

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