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Flower of Life, in ClojureScript ... originally in JavaScript by Tristan Brehaut []: "Randomly generated spiraling energetic patterns depicting the flower of life in 5 dimensions, or something :) Refresh window for a new flower."
;; Adapted from javascript version by Tristan Brehaut at
(ns flower-of-life.demo
(:use [monet.canvas :only [save restore begin-path end-path translate rotate
stroke stroke-style fill-style fill-rect move-to
bezier-curve-to composition-operation]]
[monet.core :only [animation-frame]]
[jayq.core :only [show]]
[enchilada :only [ctx canvas]]))
(defn generator [w h n]
(fn [{ :keys [i x y red green blue]}]
{ :i (inc i)
:x (int (+ x (- (rand (quot w 8)) (quot w 16))))
:y (* (quot h (- n)) i)
:xd (rand-int 2)
:yd (rand-int 2)
:red (- red 8)
:green (+ green 4)
:blue (- blue 12)}))
(defn updater [w h]
(fn [{:keys [i x y xd yd] :as points}]
(if (zero? i)
(let [new-x (+ x xd)
new-y (+ y yd)]
(assoc points
:x new-x
:y new-y
:xd (if (or (> new-x w) (< new-x (- w))) (- xd) xd)
:yd (if (or (> new-y h) (< new-y (- h))) (- yd) yd))))))
(defn points [w h n]
{:i 0 :x 0 :y 0 :red 255 :green 255 :blue 255}
(iterate (generator w h n))
(take n)))
(defn get-color-from [{:keys [red green blue]}]
(str "rgba(" red "," green "," blue ",0.075)"))
(defn draw-points! [ctx points]
(loop [points (next points)]
(if (nil? (next points))
(let [p1 (first points)
p2 (second points)
curve { :cp1x (:x p1) :cp1y (:y p1) :cp2x 0 :cp2y 0 :x (:x p2) :y (:y p2) }
color (get-color-from p2)]
(doseq [_ (range 5)]
(move-to (:x p1) (:y p1))
(bezier-curve-to curve)
(stroke-style color)
(rotate 1.256637)))
(recur (next points))))))
(defn draw-frame! [ctx w h points]
(fill-style "rgba(0,0,0,0.02)")
(fill-rect { :x (quot w -2) :y (quot h -2) :w w :h h })
(composition-operation :lighter)
(draw-points! points)
(rotate 0.005)))
(defn animate [ctx w h]
(translate ctx (quot w 2) (quot h 2))
(let [data (atom (points w h 21))]
(letfn [(loop []
(animation-frame loop)
(draw-frame! ctx w h (swap! data #(map (updater w h) %))))]
(show canvas)
(animate ctx 800 600)
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