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Beyond the Frontier Magic

The Frontier Magic rules created by Wizards are a good start but not as fun as we had expected. So we made up new rules based off of the same idea. These are those modified rules.


TODO: more complete description of the terrain

Home row

The home row is a row between a player and the land cards.



A creature occupies a land if it is standing on it. A land is adjacent to a creature if it is north, south, east or west of a land occupied by that creature.

At any one time a land can be occupied up to four creatures:

  • one creature with flying and shadow;

  • one creature with flying and without shadow;

  • one creature with shadow and without flying; and

  • one creature without flying or shadow.


If only one creature is occupying a land, that land is controlled by that creature's controller. If more than one creature is present, the land is controlled by the controller of, in order of precedence:

  1. the creature without flying or shadow;

  2. the creature with flying and without shadow

  3. the creature without flying and with shadow

  4. the creature with flying and with shadow


All creatures have three abilities: scout, harvest, and move.


T: reveal target adjacent land.


T: until end of turn, you may use an adjacent land not controlled by an opponent as if you controlled it.


0: move this creature to an adjacent land it can occupy. Play this ability as a sorcery and only once per turn. You cannot use this ability unless this creature has been under your control continuously since your most recent turn began.


A summoned creature enters the battlefield on the home row. Creatures on home row are considered to be in play, but cannot attack or block. If an effect generated by a permanent would put a creature into the battlefield, that creature may enter the battlefield on the home row or on a land adjacent to that permanent that it can occupy.


At any one time during your main phase you may initiate an attack. You may initiate one attack per turn for each creature you control. When you initiate an attack an attack phase starts, but there is no declare blockers step.

When you initiate an attack, you designate one creature on a land adjacent to it. That creature becomes the blocker.

A creature on the row closest to an opponent designate that opponent to attack. If it does, it is considered unblocked.

TODO: custom rules for keyword abilities; enchantments and artifacts; other stuff

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