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Ryan Niswonger rniswonger

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rniswonger / functions.php
Created Jul 13, 2022
WordPress: Restrict the Customizer menu search to titles
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* Restrict Customizer menu search to titles
* Based on:
* Added Customizer screen detection
function( $search, $wp_query ) {
global $wp_customize;
global $wpdb;
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rniswonger / wordpress-change-admin-color-scheme-based-on-environment--functions.php
Last active Mar 30, 2022
WordPress: Change admin color scheme based on environment and user. Because I got tired of doing it manually when I re-cloned my local/staging db.
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* Change admin color scheme based on environment for a specific user
* Color scheme options: fresh, light, modern, blue, midnight, sunrise, ectoplasm, ocean, coffee
function change_color_scheme() {
$user_ids = array( 1 ); // set your user id or ids here, assuming they do not change across envs
$current_user_id = get_current_user_id();
// configure the environment addresses and their color schemes
$environments = array(
rniswonger / fix-gmail-width--bookmarklet.js
Last active Mar 30, 2022
A bookmarklet that resize's image and table content in Gmail messages to prevent horizontal scrolling.
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javascript:(()=>{ document.querySelectorAll('.a3s table').forEach(item=>{"90%"; }); document.querySelectorAll('.a3s img').forEach(item=>{"90%";"auto"; }); })();
rniswonger / functions.php
Last active Mar 27, 2021
Gravity Forms: Replace the submit <input> with a <button>
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* Gravity Forms: Filters the submit button.
* Replaces the <input> button with a <button> while maintaining attributes from original <input>.
* @param string $button Contains the <input> tag to be filtered.
* @param object $form Contains all the properties of the current form.
* @return string The filtered button.
* GF provides sample code for doing this under Examples at the following link but this dodn't work in my environment.
rniswonger / custom.css
Created Oct 28, 2020
Avada Theme: Equal height Content Boxes
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Add this code to the Avada Custom CSS.
Add the class "equal-height" to your Content Boxes Options container, not a single Content Box.
The editor preview will not show the change but reload the live page to see the results.
.fusion-content-boxes.equal-height {
display: flex;
align-items: stretch;
flex-wrap: wrap;
rniswonger / copy-me-into-the-css-editor.css
Last active May 28, 2020 - Dark theme (WIP)
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# To do:
* Chat windows
* Settings page
* ... probably a lot more
# Note:
After saving the custom CSS in BGA, the format of this code will be altered
and these comments will be removed. This is expected.
Also, some games define their own colors which will cause some contrast issues.
rniswonger / 7zip-all-subfolders.bat
Created Nov 9, 2019
Use 7zip to archive all subfolders in their own zip file
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for /d %%X in (*) do "c:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" a "" "%%X\"