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Ryan Niswonger rniswonger

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rniswonger / custom.css
Created Oct 28, 2020
Avada Theme: Equal height Content Boxes
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Add this code to the Avada Custom CSS.
Add the class "equal-height" to your Content Boxes Options container, not a single Content Box.
The editor preview will not show the change but reload the live page to see the results.
.fusion-content-boxes.equal-height {
display: flex;
align-items: stretch;
flex-wrap: wrap;
rniswonger / copy-me-into-the-css-editor.css
Last active May 28, 2020 - Dark theme (WIP)
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# To do:
* Chat windows
* Settings page
* ... probably a lot more
# Note:
After saving the custom CSS in BGA, the format of this code will be altered
and these comments will be removed. This is expected.
Also, some games define their own colors which will cause some contrast issues.
rniswonger / 7zip-all-subfolders.bat
Created Nov 9, 2019
Use 7zip to archive all subfolders in their own zip file
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for /d %%X in (*) do "c:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" a "" "%%X\"
rniswonger / adobe-hd-fix.reg
Created Oct 9, 2019
Fix Adobe CS5 Photoshop and Illustrator scaling issues in Windows 10
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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
rniswonger / functions.php
Last active Jul 27, 2019
WordPress: Add admin columns for a custom post type
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* CPT: Custom columns for post_slug
* replace all occurances of "post_slug" with your post type's slug and "theme_domain" with your theme's domain
function set_custom_edit_post_slug_columns( $columns ) {
// unset( $columns['date'] ); // disable existing column
$columns['image'] = __( 'Image', 'theme_domain' );
$columns['date'] = __( 'Custom Date', 'theme_domain' );
rniswonger / functions.php
Created Jul 27, 2019
WordPress: Export into theme all "Custom Post Type UI" post types and taxonomies
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* Saves post type and taxonomy data to JSON files in the theme directory.
* @param array $data Array of post type data that was just saved.
* Code originally provided by the author of the plugin
function cptui_local_json( $data = array() ) {
$theme_dir = get_stylesheet_directory();
// Create our directory if it doesn't exist
if ( ! is_dir( $theme_dir .= '/cptui-json' ) ) {
mkdir( $theme_dir );
rniswonger / functions.php
Last active Aug 8, 2019
WordPress: Disable/activate plugins in development environment
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* Setup development environment by manipulating plugin activation
* Replace the dev URLs and plugin paths accordingly
function mysite_development_environment_setup() {
// define the development sites
$dev_envs = array(
rniswonger / nextdoor-bookmarklet.js
Created Oct 9, 2017
Bookmarklet: Hide annoying content on NextDoor
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javascript:$('.content-scope-line:contains("Classifieds")').parents('.post-container').hide();$('.classifieds-single-item-content').hide();$('.content-scope-line:contains("Free items")').parents('.post-container').hide();$('.content-scope-line:contains("Recommendations")').parents('.post-container').hide();$('.content-scope-line:contains("Lost & Found")').parents('.post-container').hide();$('.post-byline:contains("Sponsored")').parents('.post-container').hide();