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Created December 9, 2014 05:27
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Awesome and safe educational sites for kids.


The Best Educational Sites for School Kids and Children.

Khan Academy Math Playground

the top best kid's websites - learn with these educational and fun sites

  [ ![][6]][7]

international children's digital library Mr Nussbam's educational games Storyline Online professor Garfield

Fun games that teach math.

DOGO Media is a next-generation online network empowering kids to engage with digital media in a fun, safe and social environment. Math is Fun teaches about number, geometry, algebra, measurements, and more.

WordCentral is a fun grammar and word site for elementary and middle school students.

        [ ![][26]][27] website for kids.

Playing History - Historical Games

HoodaMath fun math and logic games

The Stacks by Scholastic lets kids have fun while learning.

The National Gallery of Art for Kids. TopicBox has learning games in match, science, music, history and more

Arcademic provides learning games for all grade levels in math, spelling, typing and geography.

Classic Reader Free Books Read Print Free Online Books

| Sites for Younger Kids Elementary School educational games for grades K-5

Dance Mat Typing


Disney Junior - online learning games for younger kids.

Sesame Street is a trusted name that provides activities for children that help form basic skills like counting, colors, sentence structure, and more.

[ Game Goo by earobics has great learning games for early readers][61]

[ ![Learning games for girls][62]][63]

[ ![K-2nd Grade Learning Games][64]][65]

[ ![Fuel The Brain - Educational Games for Younger Kids][66]][67]

[ ![Online Coloring Site][68]][69]

[ ![Explore Seussville. Fun educational games and activities.][70]][71]

[ ![ict games. Teaching resources.][72]][73]

[ ![][74]][75]

[ ![ - | Learning Games for Elementary School][76]][77]


[61]: rd.html?u= "="Game" [62]: "Magic Belles is a wonderful musical website for girls. Meet the Magic Belles, make magic music, discover special wonders, read stories, have colouring fun!" [63]: rd.html?u= [64]: [65]: rd.html?u= "Turtle Diary lets you select learning games by grade (Preschool to 2nd) covering many subjects." [66]: [67]: rd.html?u= "Fuel The Brain is a great educational resource filled with fun learning games for younger kids." [68]: [69]: rd.html?u= "Have fun coloring online with 100's of free coloring books." [70]: [71]: rd.html?u= "Suessville lets you have fun while learning!" [72]: [73]: rd.html?u= "ict games provides lessons on numbers, counting, telling time and more." [74]: [75]: rd.html?u= "Knowledge Kids offer interactive fun learning games, activities and videos for children ages 2-8" [76]: [77]: rd.html?u= " - Offers fun learning games for younger kids."

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hujokl commented Jul 1, 2022

When shopping for 2nd grade math games, look for games that address four critical areas: place value, addition, subtraction, and standard units of measure. Many of these games drill down to a particular Common Core domain. Here are some examples of 2nd grade math games

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vastris commented May 15, 2023

These educational sites are fantastic resources for school kids and children, providing a fun and engaging way to learn various subjects. From Khan Academy's comprehensive lessons to HoodaMath's entertaining math games, these platforms offer a well-rounded learning experience. Additionally, the article "How to Create an Educational Website: Step-by-Step Guide" ( is helpful for those looking to develop their own educational website, as it provides a step-by-step guide and valuable insights on the process.

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imagine clicking on one of these and it leads to a internet bypass web proxy into the dark web

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