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Last active December 5, 2020 07:14
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Indexing Kythe Go parts
bazel build kythe/go/languageserver/... --experimental_action_listener kythe/go/extractors/cmd/bazel:extract_kzip_go
./bazel-bin/kythe/go/indexer/cmd/go_indexer/go_indexer $(find bazel-out/k8-fastbuild/extra_actions -name '*.go.kzip') > go.ents
./bazel-bin/kythe/go/serving/tools/write_tables/write_tables --experimental_beam_pipeline --entries go.ents --out /data/kythe/beamed
# To serve it:
# Note: public_resources set to /tmp since not needed when only API is used.
./bazel-bin/kythe/go/serving/tools/http_server/http_server --serving_table /data/kythe/beamed --listen --public_resources /tmp
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achew22 commented Jul 12, 2019

Since this was created the experimental action listener has been moved. I found that this worked instead of line 1:

bazel build kythe/go/languageserver/... --experimental_action_listener=//kythe/extractors:extract_kzip_go

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