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Robin Palotai robinp

  • Budapest, Hungary
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robinp / main.lua
Created Apr 13, 2020
Source for Lua+Löve game programming tutorial, part 01
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kartyak = 8
kartyaFelforditva = {
[1] = false,
[2] = false,
[3] = false,
[4] = false,
[5] = false,
robinp / nixos-hydra-git.txt
Last active Apr 27, 2022
Hydra with Git setup links
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Lots of goodies like <githubstatus> pinging.
Declarative jobset bootstrapping:
Declarative jobset with Git PR evals:
Other notes:
robinp /
Last active Dec 5, 2020
Indexing Kythe Go parts
bazel build kythe/go/languageserver/... --experimental_action_listener kythe/go/extractors/cmd/bazel:extract_kzip_go
./bazel-bin/kythe/go/indexer/cmd/go_indexer/go_indexer $(find bazel-out/k8-fastbuild/extra_actions -name '*.go.kzip') > go.ents
./bazel-bin/kythe/go/serving/tools/write_tables/write_tables --experimental_beam_pipeline --entries go.ents --out /data/kythe/beamed
# To serve it:
# Note: public_resources set to /tmp since not needed when only API is used.
./bazel-bin/kythe/go/serving/tools/http_server/http_server --serving_table /data/kythe/beamed --listen --public_resources /tmp
robinp / Streaming.hs
Created Mar 31, 2019
LevelDB Stream merging and grouping
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{- Note: originally for -}
{- Releasing under Apache 2.0 licence (, feel free to reuse accordingly. -}
{-# LANGUAGE TupleSections #-}
module Database.LevelDB.Streaming.Extended
( module X
, mergeStreams
, groupStream
robinp / github-vertical-unspace.user.css
Last active Apr 17, 2020
Stylus script for to make github code review vertically more compact.
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/* Remove below comment in Stylus */
// Install Stylus, a minimal permissions CSS-modifier:
// Set to use regex match*/pull/.*/files
// also*/commit/.*#diff-.*
body {
font-size: 12px;
.blob-num {
robinp / run.bat
Created Feb 10, 2019
Converting image dirs to pdf using imagemagick on Windows
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for /D %%f in (*) do (
cd %%f
mkdir annotated
magick mogrify -path annotated -set filename:xxx %%t -fill black -undercolor white -gravity southwest -pointsize 24 -annotate +0+0 "%%[filename:xxx]" *png *jpg
magick convert annotated/* ../%%~nf.pdf
rm -r annotated
cd ..
robinp / Bazel build error
Created Jan 17, 2019
Bazel action_env gets lost somewhere
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$ sh kythe/cxx/extractor/...
SUBCOMMAND: # //kythe/cxx/extractor:index_pack [action 'Compiling kythe/cxx/extractor/ [for host]']
(cd /home/ron/.cache/bazel/_bazel_ron/084c77e61dfc73e2d0fc7fb1fb9a9252/execroot/io_kythe && \
exec env - \
PATH=/nix/store/vs6d2fjkl4kb3jb7rwibsd76k9v2n4xy-bash-4.4-p23/bin:/nix/store/lvhndwdy2q09fhwgzykjjigz7yxq5yiv-coreutils-8.30/bin:/nix/store/5c2428hk25dwsgnifcmn5dvgrwvvgvrx-findutils-4.6.0/bin:/nix/store/9jjxqhwak78zi94m7gvwdw3gqzd1hr1b-gawk-4.2.1/bin:/nix/store/f7c1ijdv5czqb0dxi4mi5wkfvi1pc7rn-gnugrep-3.3/bin:/nix/store/4lvbww6zrphadhcbqidx8qskc0rsblg6-gnused-4.7/bin:/nix/store/mwc5mwvw080nbahpdc0xr1rk3mhkcdp1-which-2.21/bin:/nix/store/c39nikyab2qfifbqzy7hqqkhvk7k05ca-unzip-6.0/bin \
PWD=/proc/self/cwd \
/nix/store/isg8rxaxkijl9x3hr2gzsf8pqfnqxg3k-gcc-wrapper-7.4.0/bin/gcc -U_FORTIFY_SOURCE -fstack-protector -Wall -B/nix/store/isg8rxaxkijl9x3hr2gzsf8pqfnqxg3k-gcc-wrapper-7.4.0/bin -B/usr/bin -Wunused-but-set-parameter -Wno-free-n
View Kythe-LSIF.txt
I'm not very familiar with LSP/LSIF so far, but gave a quick read and here's a summary of LSP/LSIF vs Kythe:
- Documentation: LSP/LSIF protocol seems well documented. Kythe schema is a bit more dense, protocol needs digging around in .proto files (which are OK though).
- Generally, Kythe pipeline needs more implicit knowledge to use - some online posts might address these though.
- Windows: Kythe serving tools run on Linux, though some Docker magic might be available.
- In Kythe, the storage format and the serving protocol are more separated, while LSIF tries to maintain serialized LSP responses.
- In fact, Kythe has no standard storage format (the reference implementation uses some columnar protobufs AFAIK)
robinp /
Last active Sep 4, 2017
Extract callgraph edges with awk
gunzip -c all.nq.gz | grep 'node/kind" "package' > packages.nq
gunzip -c all.nq.gz | awk 'NR==FNR { a[$1]; next } /childof/{if ($3 in a) print $1}' packages.nq - > pkgchildren.txt
gunzip -c all.nq.gz | awk 'NR==FNR { a[$1]; next } /childof/{if ($3 in a) print $1" "$3}' pkgchildren.txt - | gzip - > topchildren.txt.gz
gunzip -c all.nq.gz | awk 'NR==FNR { a[$1]=$2; mx=FNR; next } (NR-mx==FNR) { b[$1] ; next } /kythe\/edge\/ref/{if (($1 in a) && ($3 in b)) print a[$1]" "$3}' <(gunzip -c topchildren.txt.gz) pkgchildren.txt - | uniq | gzip - > callgraph.txt.gz
robinp /
Last active Apr 2, 2018
Calling GHC API multiple times: choose your ExitFailure

GHC API lets you process Haskell sources, and (among other) specify code generation and linking level. For example:

  • (1) no codegen & no link
  • (2) bytecode generation & link in memory
  • (3) machine code generation & linking output binaries

For code analysis purposes, based on generating the typechecked AST, option (1) suffices most of the time. There are some situations in which it doesn't:

  • TemplateHaskell (TH) splice needs to execute code (at compile time) from an imported module: the imported module must be available in compiled form, so either (2) or (3) is needed. Example: in $([|$(foo)|]), foo will be evaluated at compile-time.
  • Code uses FFI imports. For this one would expect that (2) is needed (see checkCOrAsmOrLlvmOrInterp in TcForeign.hs), but actually unless it is used (say by TH, see below), even (1) works too (see the wrapper checkCg).