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Turn image into Data URL and save in localStorage
// Get a reference to the image element
var elephant = document.getElementById("elephant");
// Take action when the image has loaded
elephant.addEventListener("load", function () {
var imgCanvas = document.createElement("canvas"),
imgContext = imgCanvas.getContext("2d");
// Make sure canvas is as big as the picture
imgCanvas.width = elephant.width;
imgCanvas.height = elephant.height;
// Draw image into canvas element
imgContext.drawImage(elephant, 0, 0, elephant.width, elephant.height);
// Get canvas contents as a data URL
var imgAsDataURL = imgCanvas.toDataURL("image/png");
// Save image into localStorage
try {
localStorage.setItem("elephant", imgAsDataURL);
catch (e) {
console.log("Storage failed: " + e);
}, false);

nevf commented Oct 2, 2013

Note that this only works if the JS is running on the same site as the image, otherwise you'll get a CORS security error.

Hengjie commented Apr 12, 2014

You can fix that CORS issue by defining crossOrigin attr with anonymous in elephant

Either I'm misreading or you need to allow CORS from the image server to allow this technique to work.

what is 'localStorage' is referring to?? what kinda object is this?

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