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Last active June 19, 2022 00:09
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Downloads all of the icons of anonymous animals from Google Drive
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
icon_list = "alligator, anteater, armadillo, auroch, axolotl, badger, bat, beaver, buffalo, camel, chameleon, cheetah, chipmunk, chinchilla, chupacabra, cormorant, coyote, crow, dingo, dinosaur, dolphin, duck, dragon, elephant, ferret, fox, frog, giraffe, gopher, grizzly, hedgehog, hippo, hyena, jackal, ibex, ifrit, iguana, koala, kraken, lemur, leopard, liger, llama, manatee, mink, monkey, narwhal, nyan cat, orangutan, otter, panda, penguin, platypus, python, pumpkin, quagga, rabbit, raccoon, rhino, sheep, shrew, skunk, slow loris, squirrel, turtle, walrus, wolf, wolverine, wombat"
for icon in icon_list.split ', ' do
element = icon.sub ' ', ''
`curl{element}_lg.png -o icons/#{element}.png`
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Offirmo commented Jul 22, 2016

Thanks !
Author states that there are 74 different animals. How did you get your list ?

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I found it online somewhere, don't remember where!

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In this image is reported also "Anonymous dragon"
maybe some are missing in this script?

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rockwotj commented Sep 29, 2020

@moxgreen this script is from ~2015 so it likely is :)

EDIT: I've updated the script to include the dragon

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