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Full system backup with dar
# Full system backup with dar. Refer to
## Configuration
# path to store dar backup files
# name of system
SysName=Ubuntu_`. /etc/os-release; echo ${VERSION_ID/*, /}`
# "-z2" - fast but weak compression
# "-Z" - do not try to compress these types of names (i.e. archives)
# "-P" - do not store contents of these directories. See documentation for more details.
sudo dar -c $Storage/linux-$SysName-root-full-`date +%Y-%m-%d` -z2 -D -R / \
-Z "*.gz" -Z "*.bz2" -Z "*.zip" -Z "*.png" -Z "*.xz" \
-P dev/pts -P sys -P proc \
-P tmp
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