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Created December 27, 2019 05:40
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Renames elevations based on the name of the loaded asset.
// Renames elevations, to fix the game adding 0 or 1 to the elevation names, so that they can be kept consistent when updating a network multiple times.
// Do not run on a newly created network, it must be saved with the final name it should have, loaded again, and only then run this script.
var asset = ToolsModifierControl.toolController.m_editPrefabInfo as NetInfo;
var ai = (asset.m_netAI as TrainTrackAI); // change this to RoadAI or something else if necessary.
if(ai.m_elevatedInfo != null) =, + " E";
if(ai.m_bridgeInfo != null) =, + " B";
if(ai.m_slopeInfo != null) =, + " S";
if(ai.m_tunnelInfo != null) =, + " T";
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