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Created March 21, 2018 13:59
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Changes the times when a prop is illuminated.
var asset = ToolsModifierControl.toolController.m_editPrefabInfo as PropInfo;
var off = 15.0f; // amount of hours the light is turned off during the day (15 max) (0 means always on)
var random = 0.3f; // adds randomness to time lights turn on/off, if 0 then all lights turn on/off at the same time
asset.m_illuminationOffRange.x = 6*Convert.ToSingle(Math.Pow(Convert.ToDouble((6-off/2.5)/6), Convert.ToDouble(1/1.09)));
asset.m_illuminationOffRange.y = Mathf.Clamp(6*Convert.ToSingle(Math.Pow(Convert.ToDouble((6-off/2.5)/6), Convert.ToDouble(1/1.09)))-random, 0, 6);
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