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Runcy Oommen roommen

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roommen / Dockerfile - Happy New Year 2020
Created Dec 30, 2019
Dockerfile - Happy New Year 2020
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FROM alpine:3.9
COPY hny.txt .
CMD ["cat", "hny.txt"]
roommen / OpenSSH Update Script - Amazon Linux 2
Last active Mar 25, 2020
OpenSSH Update Script - Amazon Linux 2
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sudo yum install gcc -y
sudo yum install openssl-devel -y
sudo yum install zlib-devel -y
sudo yum install mlocate -y
sudo yum install autoconf -y
tar zxvf openssh-8.2p1.tar.gz
cd openssh-8.2p1 && ./configure && make && sudo make install
roommen / aws-communityday-blr-slides
Created Oct 16, 2018
Slides - AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2018
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* Slides from AWS Community Day Bangalore 2018 *
1. "Scaling for 10 million concurrent viewers", Gaurav Kambhoj, Hotstar -
2. "Advanced serverless application architecture and design considerations", Dilip Kola, Tensult -
3. "AWS serverless infrastructure - Integration testing", Santhosh Marimuthu, Advanced Engineer, Altran -
4. "Lessons learnt in CI/CD with AWS serverless architecture", Sriguru V, Altran Engineering Solutions -
5. "Cost optimized logging using API Ga
roommen / Hybrid (Windows+Linux) Docker Swarm
Last active Aug 25, 2017
Hybrid (Windows+Linux) Docker Swarm
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*** Pre-requisites ***
1. Set up Windows 2016 password:
gcloud beta compute --project <project_id> reset-windows-password <instance_name> --zone <zone_name>
ip_address: <ip_address>
password: <defult_password_generated>
username: <username>
3. Installing Docker:
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